Night time

I’m a person who likes night time a lot, I can sleep late, work late, but I cannot wake up early, work early. It gets quieter as the night goes, sounds that are heard in the day like kids crying, neighbors singing karaoke, repair works done downstairs or in the building, MRT moving on tracks, and the sounds of vehicles will not be heard as it gets even later in the night. The best thing is, it would not be as hot as it is in the day, or maybe because it’s during the year end now. The coldness I feel on the marble floor makes me feel good.

But once in a while, I actually feel lonely. There’s a sense of emptiness, boredom, frustration that I will experience once in a while in this kind of peaceful environment. My family is not at home for this week, but it’s definitely not because my family is not in Singapore. Sometimes after my whole family fell asleep, I will have this kind of feeling again. It feels like there is something I’m short of but I’m not sure what is it either.

Have not been blogging frequently for this past month, aside from having to OT in the office, I pretty much don’t do anything else other than routines. Life gets boring once you get into a working lifestyle I guess. Leaving out the hours that a person takes for sleeping, working, and daily necessary moves like eating, bathing, there isn’t much other things to do for the rest of the hours, and those “rest of the hours” I have used it for OT-ing.

Working life as compared to school life, school life allows one to have more free time to themselves, and you make more friends too, because most of the people you see is going to be around your age, and humans get along better with people of their same generation. I wouldn’t say that classmates / schoolmates are easier to get along with as compared to colleagues because even though colleagues might back stab you in front of superiors or whatever other ways that can help them in work, classmates / schoolmates might also do the same thing for their schoolwork. It’s just that at least for classmates / schoolmates, at least you can make friends and friends are less likely to do anything to you, but it’s rather hard to find someone like this in jobs.

Anyway, have no idea why I’m talking about this. Just happen to think about this suddenly / randomly.

This Friday will be my last day of work of my current job. So far… Still doesn’t regret not leaving, not that my colleagues are not good or my environment is not good. In fact, think my colleagues are very good, I really pity my supervisor for having to tolerate me haha. Don’t think I will see anybody like this again in my future jobs, I can only say that staying in this current job is kinda tough for me, their work is either very easy or very hard, so I’m always stuck between being VERY free or being VERY stress / busy.

Sides, I think I would rather very much go back to games programming. Well, at least I didn’t wasted my time for this previous 9 months, I did learn a lot for programming. To think I only learn the most important thing for programming only when I have gone out to work haha.

Hopefully will be updating more in the near future, seems like I’ve neglected my blog for such a long long time.


3 thoughts on “Night time

  1. yeah i like school cos can hang out with friends also.
    and yes, please blog moreeee. arigatou!
    i cant wait to see you again man!
    must tell us about your new workplace hor! 😀

  2. mooyalty : diao. night time gives a serene feeling tsk. not sleeping!!

    hantu : yuppp school is all about hanging out with friends and studying / chionging together ba, i love my poly life haha. yeah, think its been a long time havent seen you guys, when are we going out again man. will blog today ba later, gonna go have my lunch weeeee

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