New Job

This is my first week of work in the new office, new boss, new job scope, and new environment. So far… It’s not bad. I can choose the timing of going to the office, and then leaves 9 hours after starting time, so in the end i still continued working early because I don’t want to go home late. Most importantly, I’ll be lazy to move my ass as it gets later.

Instead of having a normal desk and a normal chair which I can sit on and place my laptop, the new office is to sit on the floor or I can like lie down on the floor on my stomach and use the laptop. After the first day of placing the laptop on a big cushion and the cushion on my lap, and constantly switching positions. I finally got the conclusion that I need to get a table. The initial plan was to get the table yesterday, but we ended up getting the table on Tuesday. Though the table looks light, I realize I don’t have the strength to carry it (it’s still kinda heavy, but still *looks at my arm sadly), in the end me and boss have to carry it together. We took a cab from IKEA and back to our office (and luckily it wasn’t far).

So now I have this black table at my corner of the office, and it’s really a nice working environment for me now. My boss complained that I looked more like a boss than she, cuz she’s been lying on the floor, laptop on her laptop at the opposite corner from mine. She tried using the other half of the table to see if it is necessary that she need to get another table for her own. In the end, her conclusion is : Aside from feeling more like a boss and less like a foreign worker lying on the floor, she don’t feel anything else. Haha~~ I’ve also brought one of my cow cushion to the office.

Our office is short of a fridge, with a fridge, we can start filling up with yoghurts, Yakult, onigiris, and some frozen food for “emergency purpose”, which is rainy days. Yup, I should pester my boss to get a fridge soon, and most importantly a 21 mbps broadband HAHA!

I’m feeling very broke now, and I need like more than 10 days before I can receive my pay from both my previous company and my current boss. Haiz~


5 thoughts on “New Job

  1. mooyalty : LOL! very kua zhang leh. the office small la, onli room for 2 of us to nua and die around LOL! bo echo la lol

    tengteng : yup yup, its very nice LOL especially got a board just right side of me to do my calculations ~_~ wahaha

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