Variation of Water temperature

I just told my boss about the latest post which I blogged about our job environment, and after reading through, she started saying

Boss : “That’s all? ”
Me : “Yeah, I didn’t have much mood to blog at that time, and there really isn’t much to blog about either haha.”
Boss : “You could have blogged about how you keep asking me to fill up water for you.. ” *Said with a hatred-filled stare at me*
Me : “Haha… ” *laughing guiltily*
Boss : “About how you can tell me to add 40% cold water, 60% hot water, sometimes 3/4 sometimes 1/2..” *continue giving a few other examples*

So now I will explain more on what she meant by the different percentage and ratio of adding water, which explains why I have this blog title.

I can’t drink hot water, I mean those that are just boiled from the kettle,  I can’t drink water straight from there. If you are asking me, “who can do that?”, I really know a few people who can do that. Another point to note is, I don’t really like drinking water at “room temperature”, but of course it’s another thing if I’m at home, I won’t mind drinking water at room temperature at home. Illogical? I think I sound perfectly logical *muahahaha*.

Anyway, so after working at ST, where there is this water dispenser thingy in the pantry area, and every morning, everybody will go there to take their daily serving of water, so I will go in with my water bottle, and depending on my mood that day I will add different amount of cold water and hot water into the bottle. Most of the time it’s just

around 30-35% cold water + rest% hot water

Well, because it’s cold water, so the percentage of it could be lower, so if room temperature water are added to hot water, the algorithm will be something like

50% room temperature water + 50% hot water or

60% room temperature water + 40% hot water.

Depends on my mood and depending on how much water is left in the water bottle, so every time I passed  the water bottle to my boss, the figures are different, so she’s complaining that I are super troublesome, hahahah~

I think the few examples is when in the morning we reach the office, I will ask her to fill up like a little below 3/4 with room temperature and the rest is hot water, and after some time through the day and finishing some of the water, I will have to give her other figures to add into the bottle, which leads to the creation of this blog post wahaha~


3 thoughts on “Variation of Water temperature

  1. FIRST
    yeah you seriously super ma fan. i wouldnt even bother helping you fill up your bottle lor if it were me, since youre so picky. hahahhaha
    your boss sounds very nice to you man. >.<

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