Megamind – Movie

Tired of watching the typical hero, bad guy movie? If that’s the case, then


is the choice to watch.

I never quite liked watching those movies that have a “-man” word at the end of the title, such as like “Batman”, “Superman”, “Spiderman” and “Ironman”. Of course there are exceptional, I did watched the first episode of  “X-men”, and “Ip Man”(if this is considered). Why? The storyline is SO predictable. I really don’t mind watching shows that are predictable (really!), considering that there was one outing during my secondary school life that our whole school went to Lido(I think so?) to watch War of the Worlds, and I TOTALLY remembered how predictably stupid the lead is and what stupid actions he’s gonna do next but I didn’t got sick of it. “-man” movies are so disgustingly predictable and boring.

That’s when MEGAMIND comes in and gives a complete twist of how a typical movie should be like..

BECAUSE our main lead here decided that his destiny is to become the ultimate baddie here (and he totally looks like it) after failing several times (a lot of times) trying to be a better guy than the “superman” in the show. And then you thought that you can predict the rest of the story? Well… The whole thing didn’t quite come out as what I’ve expected. There was a slight twist at the front and a bigger twist at the back, of course there are some parts still pretty predictable, but the main storyline was a surprise.

Seriously think DreamWorks movies are getting better, I especially like watching the part that the DreamWorks logo appears, because they will sometimes change the way the logo appear according to the movie theme, which is very interesting. A nd… It just happened that their products are nice. Wahaha.

Really love this movie. Recommend that you guys watch it haha xD.


4 thoughts on “Megamind – Movie

  1. FIRST!
    and c’mon, the dark knight (doesn’t have a man but it’s a batMAN sequel…) and ironman are really pretty fun. especially dark knight – it’s crazy good.
    ho hum but i still find it difficult to be convinced into watching this movie…because long experience with dreamworks has taught me that it just isn’t half the genius pixar is.
    plus lately they’ve even taken to adopting some of pixar’s style, although possibly that might be because of the movement of animators within the industry.

    1. nobody fighting the first with you la LOL!
      eh.. i really dun like the MAN series. never even had the wanting to watch it so i never watched it hahaha.
      dreamworks movies are getting nicer though I feel, in these recent years (except for shrek), I’ve watched most of their movies (except for shreks and some other random movies that involves insects) and most movies in this recent years are quite nice. eh, you can’t compare it to pixar like duh, pixar is still like the most popular animation studio. but i think dreamworks are producing good works too (like how to train a dragon <3333333)
      this movie. is kinda funny though, i was really shocked at some twists. O_O

      And oh, rapunzel is coming out. wanna like watch it? it seems kinda funny

  2. yeah i wanna watch it. budden exams coming. bleah. so i’ll have to wait till after – it only ends on the 17th. 😦

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