24 Hours

I’m officially awake for 24 hours, with more than 15 hours doing work, hm, make it around 18 hours of work. The rest of the hours consist of meals in between, slacking time of watching random videos after working for a few hours. So what’s with the sudden urge of hardworking-ness? Deadline? Maybe. The thing is, I was working a 12PM-9PM shift yesterday. It was supposed to be 9AM-12PM because I was supposed to have dinner with my friend yesterday night cuz I thought I would be going out tonight, but in the end the date tonight is cancelled so I just pushed back everything to today, and that arrangement was done in my half-awake condition.

While I was sleeping happily in my LalaLand yesterday morning, I got a call early in the morning like around 8 plus AM which shook me out from my chess game with Mr Zhou, and POOF! There goes my date for tonight, my friend called to tell me that she can’t make it tonight. Then while refusing to get out from my messy warm and comfortable bed, I sat up, grab my blanket, pull it over my head and SMSed my friend for yesterday’s dinner that I’ll meet her tonight instead, and then I proceed to SMS my boss to work a 12PM shift instead (in actual fact, before the whole hoo ha thing happened I already SMSed her around 8 plus to tell her to let us work at 10AM instead, and then I later changed the time again, haha, I’m so fickle minded). I did all this thing while I was still comfortably snuck up in my bed, and after finish doing all these SMSing here and there, I actually felt pretty awake, then I thought, “I might as well just get my ass out of my bed and go to work instead”, but of course I went along with my instinct to rot to the deepest level of hell in my bed. This whole chunk explains my reason of working the 12PM – 9PM shift.

When it’s like around 9. 15PM, I suddenly feel very bored out by the idea that I need to go back to the office in less than 12 hours time, and of which 2 hours will be spent traveling. I sighed and look at my boss, and sincerely hoping that she tell me that I can come back at like 10AM tomorrow but release me at 6PM HAHA! But of course she didn’t (sad), and she gave me this weird smile on my face and say I can choose the 12 – 9 shift. I was puzzled. I misinterpreted it into the wonderful way I want it to be and I thought she allowed me to come to the office at 12 the next day and let me off at 6 (I filtered off the 9 word). She gave me a “No, Duh” face and said is the 12AM- 9AM shift. I brushed it off. Then I thought again, I slept for quite long that day, and I was still pretty clear at that time, so in less than 5 minutes time,  I changed my mind. I chose the 10PM- 7AM shift though, with 1 hour for me to slack in between.

So here I am, instead of rotting in my bed like I should now, I’m actually typing away on the keyboard and blogging. How weird am I? Think maybe is cuz is already beyond sleepiness, or maybe because of the coffee I have just now, I’m very very awake, my brain is not even groggy. I’m still pretty clear minded. Still, I have to go out 6 hours later, so I think I’m going to grab my PSP and slack a little on the bed, hopefully grabbing a few hours of sleep.

Night~ Or Afternoon~


9 thoughts on “24 Hours

  1. throw away?? i thought you were gonna get it fixed? very waste leh!
    eh, later then i try to format again.

    and your blog is raining dandruff leh, how?

    1. no i think i lost the receipt like 1 thousand yrs ago. and sides. normally go get it service need to go very ulu place. very ma fan.

      shit you la what dandruff. its snow!!!!!! a new feature of wordpress you shit head!!!

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