Milky Blue Tamagotchi ID

I so so so so so wanna to get the milky blue color Tamagotchi, though this has been released for over a year ( I think ), but it’s until recently that I know that BANDAI released new Tamagotchis that have colored displays. As compared to those monochrome tamagotchis that we have been playing for a long time, this is very very very attractive to me <33333.

I am so interested in getting one, and then after showing it to my friend and she was like “5000 YEN?!?!” then did I went to check the online currency converter and realized that this Tamagotchis cost 80 bucks ( sobs ). But, I’m still sooooooooo interested in getting it.

Please try to talk me out of it before I really went gaga one day and buy it online from Ebay HAHA!

Or if any of you people are feeling rich, please get it for me for christmas present or next year’s birthday present AHHA!



9 thoughts on “Milky Blue Tamagotchi ID

  1. FIRST

    you wont get bored one de meh? of tamagotchi. mine always die. >.<
    and wah, 80 bucks is seriously steep man. i'd rather go buy myself doc martens boots. doc martens!!

    1. har? okay la. LOL!!! you lousy shit!!! i can play with it for a long time before im bored of it lol.

      and yeah 80 bucks is really steep. so im looking for people to sponsor me bits and pieces for christmas LOL! and im not interested in boots man

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