Rapunzel, A Tangled Tale – Movie

Oh, I didn’t realized that the actual movie title of this movie is Tangled until when I started searching for this movie poster.

I didn’t had high expectation of the movie when I saw the movie poster advertisement in Dhoby Gaut’s MRT station, and I didn’t have much hope of finding people to watch this with me considering that my neighbor already told me before that she isn’t that interested in this movie, neither was I, but I didn’t mind watching it cuz I love animation movies. She changed her mind after hearing a few people telling her that the movie is and then we went together (that arse!). Reason why I didn’t have much expectation of the movie is because this is a Disney movie, and this a story from the fairy tale, I thought it wouldn’t be too far off from the Disney Classics movie.

After finishing this movie,  I was kinda surprised to find it pretty different from typical fairy tales. As for the reason why, you could go watch it and feel for yourself~

New weapon of new century fairy tales? Frying pan. People, if you ever find bad people breaking in to your house, and there is no formidable weapons in your house, you can consider the frying pan. Knives are one choice, but you wouldn’t want to be involved in killing people in the end, would you? And, comparing the area of a knife and a frying pan, with a frying pan, you can swing it in any direction, chances of it hitting on the baddy is high, a knife need to be aimed in the precise parts, and it is likely that the baddy would be able to avoid the knife. The movie convinced me that a frying pan is a good weapon, it’s used in many places by the characters and the results turned out better than expected, haha.

This movie is a big comedy animation film, I find myself laughing like every few minutes intervals, what’s making the whole thing even funnier is the guy character’s expression on his face. You guys should really see it.

I think this movie should be categorized together with the Disney Classics, the songs in it kinda reminded me of their old movies, just that at the end of the show, all I could remember was the bad guy’s song. Bahz. I never really hated a bad guy this much, but throughout the movie, I really feel like taking an egg and throwing it at the screen whenever the bad guy comes out, it’s so irritating. Tsk.

I nearly wanted to label this movie as the best animation movie I’ve seen this year, and then I suddenly remembered “How to Train Your Dragon”, I think “How to Train Your Dragon” is still the best. However, I was quite surprised to see Disney coming up with such good animation graphics on their own, because I was kinda shocked to see that after 10+ years from the classics movies, they continue publishing movies with the same graphics as of those that are created in the Classics Movies era (Princess and the Frog). Especially, when this time Pixar has not collaborated with Disney in the creation of this movie.

Anyway, think that there are more animation movies, and the quality of animation movies are getting better and better nowadays. Which is a very happy thing for me haha~

For you people who haven’t watch this movie yet, think it’s best to go catch it in the theater now, it’s definitely worth watching~~


3 thoughts on “Rapunzel, A Tangled Tale – Movie

  1. yeah i’ve watched this. 😀
    wasn’t one of Disney’s best I think, but nevertheless very entertaining.
    and i love the horse, plus the chameleon. suppeeeerrr kawaii!

    1. oh really? think it’s the greatest animation movie ive seen from disney for a long time though. but really, it’s the first time ive seen a fairy tale with the bad guy keep coming out, its making me mad man lol. but its very funny.
      and yeah, i think a lot of people will end up liking the horse and chameleon LOL~

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