When A Stranger Calls – Movie (spoiler)

This isn’t really kind of the show that I’ll watch, I don’t normally go for horror / horrifying thriller shows, unless the show happened to be playing TV then I might watch it even though I know it’s freak the hell out of me. Yeah, I’m the typical I-know-what-I’m-doing-is-not-good-but-I’m-doing-it-anyway kind of person. Eh, but I’m not up to the stage of those lead characters in horror / thriller shows which you often know they do stuffs that are definitely going to get them into trouble.

Since this was watching with my friends, it’s less frightening as we were crapping all the way. The movie started with the murder of a random babysitter and a few kids in a random house, what’s frightening was the corpse was not whole, but there isn’t any weapon around. Then the scene jumps to the female lead running and she was taking her minutes, but as she was distracted when she saw her just broke up boyfriend nearby, so her timing was not as good as the usual timing. The coach told her that she should train more, and need to set a target far and run like never before.

Mainly, this story is about this female lead having to babysit kids in some random part of the town due to her phone bill bursting for that month (because of the arguing with her boyfriend and her best friend who caused this break up, isn’t it nice, this movie explains everything unlike most of the movies which don’t explain most of the things happening). Everything was alright with her babysitting 2 kids that are in their bedroom sleeping, she don’t even have to do anything and a big plus is that the family she is babysitting for is rich and their house is luxurious. However, because at the start the family told her that the children are asleep and is best to dun wake them up, and she didn’t even went to check on the children for the first half of the show, I thought that there is something wrong with the kids, that they maybe be one evil man in the room and not even children at all.

Anyway, there’s this part the security alarm at the door started ringing, she went to key in the password to stop the ringing, and rather quite unexpectedly or expectedly, she disarmed the alarm and didn’t set it back, which is #1 mistake she did. Disturbing calls started coming in, and then her best friend came looking for her, however she managed to enter the house without coming in through the main door. How did she do it? Apparently the car garage door was not closed( was starting to think that the murderer could well be in the house already ). After a while of talking, the friend left and of course got killed (which is unknown to the female lead, but which makes the audience even surer that the murderer is just nearby her all the time). So then phone calls kept ringing and ringing to disturb her, and she soon realized that something is wrong when the person called her and ask her to check the children and called again once she’s out of the room, somebody is watching her. She called up the police and reported that somebody is watching her and making disturbing calls, police assure her that they can track the guy down if she can keep the guy on the phone for more than 1 minute, which failed for a several times. Then she saw the lights in the guest house lighted and somebody was walking in the house, however, to get there she will have to leave the house and run across a short distance (the guest house was meant for the family’s son who’s in the college who might randomly come back to the house). 1st prime suspect, the son.

Hoping that the person in that house is the son, #2 mistake, she actually got out of the house and ran across to the guest house. Which when she arrived, the phone rang again, with again no reply from the caller (the killer kept calling her with no replies or a few short lines). She managed to keep the caller on the phone for more than 1 minute, but that was not the main house phone line. Then she saw a light in the main house lighting up, and then she ran back again. At this time, I suddenly thought of the front part whereby the coach was telling her to set a target and ran like never before, so I told my friends that the #1 prime suspect now is the coach, he wanted to train her in running.

Anyway, the exciting part is starting. She got back to main house, and went to the room that is lighted, somebody was bathing in the toilet of the room, she went into the toilet, but saw that it’s only the shower is running. The phone rang again, she kept the caller on phone for more than 1 minute this time and asked what did the killer want from her. After hearing the killer’s breathing for like 10 thousand years, he finally answered “I want you blood… all over me” and he hung up. A call immediately came in, it’s the police officer, they successfully tracked the caller and told her that the caller is in the house and asked that she leave immediately, and like as if that is possible.

Then the scary part started. This part you can watch for yourself, lazy to talk about it.

As we were watching the show, my friends and I started asking each other what we would do if we were in that kind of situation.

Would we check the kids when we first got the job, even knowing they are asleep?

Would we disarm the alarm and not arm it back?
Definitely no, I think I would even memorize the password by heart, and keep making sure the door is armed.

Would we abandon the kids and run if we realized that something is up?
Me and my other friend said think yes HAHAHAHA! Only the boss say she would not leave the kids alone, and she sighed at us (oh wells).

Would we run to the guest house seeing that somebody is there?

Would we ask our best friend to leave the house?
No, in fact, I think I might consider asking a few more people to come over cuz I’m scared of being alone in that BIG house.

Would we cut the phone line?
YES! The phone kept ringing in the show it’s driving us mad, or we would have called our friends to talk through the night instead.

My boss concluded that if it’s either me or my other friend is in the movie as the character, the movie would never continue because we are such “hump ji” people HAHA! Even before anything is happening or will happen, we will never have given the killer an opportunity at all. My friend and I decided that if we were the female lead, we would have stayed in the kids room, at least there’s other living things around. Or I would try my best to make friend with the house cat.

Ah, yeah I forgot to mention that there were fishes, birds and a cat in the house. My friend considered killing a few birds to up her courage before challenging the killer HAHAHAH!


3 thoughts on “When A Stranger Calls – Movie (spoiler)

    you know, i would actually make a GREAT horror movie protagonist. reasons:

    Would I enter a dark scary location to check for danger/hantu?

    Am I careless enough to not do things like arm the alarm?

    Would I bravely decide to sit around alone even if I sense something wrong?

    Would I make a great horror movie character?
    Oh hell yes.

    Oh ya, and I’d likely risk myself and go save children if necessary. I’d hate it and I’d swear like hell all the way but I would probably do it on principle because if not the mom would kill me anyway even if I make it out of there alive.
    I suppose ‘cos I have a niece and I can’t imagine allowing her to stay in danger. That’s just very bad.

    1. yeah, you would very much do well in the horror movie, the story can continue with you as the main lead LOL! im definitely not the kind that will carelessly leave the security alarm off, in fact, i will check all night to see if the alarm is on.
      actually… i think i might still leave the kids LOL!!! aiya, really cannot imagine myself in that situation so i also wun know what ill do, but then again i never liked kids. ~_~ ah cruel me LOL!

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