Random Update

I realized it’s like half a month since I last blogged. I didn’t really had the mood to, and I was busy with a lot of stuffs which I can’t remember what they was. Oh, mainly about the project I’m still handling.

I have been doing this thing for like 2 months, and I really don’t understand why I’m spending so much time on it, when you look at this thing, it doesn’t seem like it will take THIS long, but it really spent 2 months of my efforts. Though nearly 1 month was spent on integrating FaceBook and Twitter with the application. During this time, I have slacked a lot, and worked a lot. Despite how much I’ve slacked, I still feel like I’ve worked a lot, and then when I look at my game, it still seems to be short of so many things.

However, now, the thing is almost complete, I think it will still need some time for the re-adding of new images, brushing up here and there, some more time to test (hopefully there is not bug *cries), then it could be published on to the app store. Seriously, I felt like I had just gave birth to baby and watch it grow into a sensible adult *cries*.

I have always been in this state of contradiction, it’s like I feel like I’m spending more effort than I should for the salary I’m receiving ( I think because I hadn’t spent half of this kind of effort in ST and I received more money), but when I think about how the company is surviving (basically only the 2 of us), I will try to work hard again. Ayz, I don’t know whether to pity with myself or with my boss man. Considering the amount of effort that we are putting in to this, I’m not sure whether the rewards is coming back to us in the equal amount or not.

Anyway, whenever I get into the self-detest mode of earning this little money, I have to hypnotize myself that this is not a permanent job for life and that I will still continue my University studies, jobs after THAT is then considered more important. I’m growing sympathy for myself again.

I need to re-emphasis that my boss is treating me really good. It’s really the harsh reality I’m facing that seems to deprive me of money even if I try to spend lesser. Haiz.


7 thoughts on “Random Update

  1. seriously, u are given plenty of time to do sia.. last time in that another coy i was only given 2 weeks to complete the whole shit game during my IAP with lots of damn features, and tho I have 2 team members but basically I was like doing it alone. =XX

    Oh well, JIA YOU!!! You can do it~~

    1. eh i know i got a lot of time, but its like not enough, and its not like im slacking a lot sia. ayz. in short, luckily im not being thrown to p******* s***** lol. st is just slacking for me sia

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