A Trip To Bintan

I am too busy this few weeks to blog about anything at all, especially this week. I reached home exhausted, wanting to just concuss and die on bed. However, I can’t even do that, I have to work late in the night, programming with my mac on my bed, hearing the snoring from my aunt that’s sleeping beside my bed, and fighting damn hard with sleepiness that’s overcoming the caffeine effects I have from 2 bottles of 500ml POKKA green tea. In conclusion, I felt like my storage of brain cells meant for 1 month of usage is being used up all in this 1 week. I don’t know how to describe the kind of exhaustion I’m feeling man, but if I had been this hardworking in NYP, I think I’m already an NTU student, and that is how HARD I’m working for this few weeks.

Anyway, in the midst of all this chaos and uber busy schedule, I had a trip to Bintan Island last weekend. I was supposed to be blogging about this, but as I’ve said, I really couldn’t find anytime to blog at all. To make it even more detailed how exhausting these few days were, I was awake for like 16 hours a day, 2 hours for transport, 1-2 hours for eating, I’m doing work like up to 12 hours a day, think it’s more than that actually. Bah, okay, enough with the whining (Sorry people, old people like to whine hahaaha).

One thing I really regret was, I DIDN’T BRING MY FRIGGING CAMERA THERE!!! Actually, the thing is, I expected that I would just stay emo there and stuck in any random corner of the room, and even though my friend’s aunty (the one who booked the villa ) told us to bring extra clothing / swim suit there for swimming, I only brought a extra shirt there. I was resisting at first, to NOT go into the pool, but after a lot of temptation from my friend and her mum and some more friends and the temptation from the pool itself, I just went into the pool.

I had more fun than I thought I would have over there. The scenery was nice, the weather was nice, the place was nice, the pool was nice, which is why I am super super super regretful for not bringing my camera there. I got a bit darker, and because I was wearing a watch when I was in the water, now I had a mark on my wrist, and the areas covered by my shirt became whiter, somehow I think I look healthier, I think I’m more suited for a tanner look. I should really go to the pool sometimes to get myself tanner, but the thought of sharing pool with just any random people (especially these people might contain those that haven’t bathed for days, who might just urine in the pool, imagine al the dirts and germs, the idea just puts me off seriously ).  Oh well. I’ll think about it hahaha.

My friend’s mum made curry vegetable (which is really just catered to the few of us) and I had it for like 2 days, it was uber delicious. If there is one reason I would definitely go my friend’s house and not feel lazy about it would be this pot of curry vegetables. A very special experience was that we had wine in the pool, I don’t remember the name for it, but the wine is pretty nice, a bubbly wine the wine seller person says. I think this is a really rare experience, considering that I wouldn’t get to experience this kind of thing any soon (or might never happen again). Oh, second thing which I regret not bringing, goggles. I cannot swim without a goggles at all. It’s like the moment I went into the water without goggles, I would just stop breathing, and it felt like water just went into my nose.

Which reminds me, of the TRIP to Bintan. I had to wake up EARLY in the morning, I think it’s the first time in my life that I EVER work up this early. I woke up at 5am, and got out of my house at 5 35AM. I never even woke up this early in my 10 years of uniformed life (primary school and secondary school). Anyway, I woke up feeling terrible, groggy, reluctance ( I wasn’t really anticipating about this trip at all, mainly because I don’t really know the other except for my friend and her mum), got to bath and rushed out of the house. What was lucky for me was that a aunty saw me waiting for the bus and told me there’s no bus this early, her friend was waiting for her in a car, and she actually offered to drop me at the MRT station (seriously, it’s VERY very very very rare to see this kind of people around anymore).

As we were waiting to board the ship, we bought some light snack, and we saw a banana that’s going for 1 dollar each which all of us agreed that nobody will buy. The moment we sat down in our seats, there’s a westerner to our left holding  banana in his hand and we just burst out laughing. Okay, so after the ship starts sailing, they started playing video on teaching passengers to use the life jacket, I never really took notice of this kind of videos on ship or on airplane. I know that it is important but somehow I always got distracted into staring into space instead as I watched the video. Anyway, I told my friend that if the sink were to sink, I think I will really die because I just cannot concentrate on watching the video. Then, I came to a conclusion that they should give us goggles together with the life jacket, I think it will up my chance of surviving a lot more man. (“goggles” lead to 2 long paragraphs of crap haha).

Oh oh, and most importantly, I had the experience of driving a buggy. I didn’t wanna to drive it really. But it was like all 4 other people on the buggy have tried driving it, and they were all asking me to drive it, and I was thinking since this is also a new experience, I might as well just try it. And then, I really started driving the buggy, I was very worried and actually pretty confident that I wouldn’t drive it well, I really sucks when it comes to things that need both hands and legs coordination. I was too used to playing arcade whereby just a little movement would change the direction of the car a lot, so when it comes to this buggy that I’m driving, I always forgot that sometimes I would have to turn a few more rounds of the steering wheel to turn round a corner. So in the end, a minor accident occurred, I steered the buggy too much it came out of the road that’s going down slope and we just went down slope on uneven grounds instead. Still, luckily nothing happened. I think I would still wanna drive a buggy if I have the chance, it’s really pretty fun (just don’t let me have the burden of 5 people’s lives).

Hm, considering the trip to Bintan is so damn fun, I’m seriously considering of organizing a trip there again~~ Wahaha~

Okay, that’s about it, the length of 2 posts, I’m off to concuss on bed now, bye~


8 thoughts on “A Trip To Bintan

    1. eh… i think i thought the same thing before i went there, but there really dun have shopping place, its just meant for people to chill out and have fun with outdoor activities ba. it was really fun though. and the buggy is scary LOL!!!

  1. bintan sounds fun!~
    lets go together next time. :DDD

    and you know, i’ve seen even worse.
    i saw two angmoh exchange students pay like four plus sing for a can of coke in a chinese restaurant just cos they dont want to drink the tea, which frankly was just normal chinese tea.

    1. bintan IS fun!!! LOL! yeah i think we should go there some time too.

      er…. on the second day, which we came out of the villa and was waiting for the ferry, we went into this restaurant to eat for lunch. and the cheapest thing on their menu cost 3 dollars, and that’s just plain mineral water. in the end me and my friend just ordered coke and it cost 4 dollars. really, the restaurant sucks money out of us.

  2. wah, xin tia the money for the coke man! hahahhahaha

    and must go hor, must must must! hahahahha now we say it, i cant wait to come back from hong kong to see you so i can go to bintan!
    although by the time i come back i’ll have no money……

    1. yeah, xin tia, in the end my friend’s aunty paid for everything instead. and it’s frigging expensive lol.

      but if we’re going there as normal people, im not sure how will the villa be like, cuz the villa i went to was booked by my friend’s aunty who had access to that villa due to her job sia. LOL

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