Rainy Days in Singapore

It’s been raining for the whole day today, and when I meant it as whole, I meant it literally. It got small at some times, but it never stopped. This might be a good thing if I am indoor the whole day and I can just stay cowered in my blankets, playing / using my com or playing with my PSP / DS Lite or reading my chinese novel, or whatever other activities that I can while my time away in my messy bed. But no, I have to go to my godparents house today, I slept from yesterday 12+ am until today’s 12 pm plus before finally climbing up from my beloved bed.

Anyway, after watching a while of Nodame Canatabile, it’s still raining. I had my lunch, it’s still raining. I went to bathe and came out, and it’s still raining. As we set out for our godparents’ house, it’s still raining. Still raining when we reached there. When my godmother went out to get newspapers at around 4 pm +, still raining. We went out to get dinner at 6+ and it’s still raining. When I have to go home at like 8+ pm, IT’S STILL FRIGGING RAINING!!! (Sorry for my whole paragraph of bullshit here, just wanted to emphasis that it’s really raining literally)

And because I was so lazy to go home from Kovan (Cuz I will have to take train to Serangoon, walk some distance to take train to Bishan, and walk another distance to take train to AMK, and even from there, I cannot walk home because of the frigging rain). So I decided to just take a cab and let my ass bigger as I sit all the way back home. I went down, but I don’t want to stand under the rain to flag a cab, and since I already decided to be a big, fat, lazy worm, I called the cab line instead. I dialled 6552-1111 and it kept failing, so I thought it’s because I remembered the number wrongly. I kept dialing the same number though (stubborn ass me) and it finally went through, and was pretty smug that I’m right about it. The really pissing-me-off thing happened after I pressed ‘0’ for advance booking.

It kept playing advertisement saying that “You can now make a booking of a cab using your IPhone by installing this “blah blah” application and send a booking form application through it.” Then it will play a stupid short melody and a robotic voice that gives you false hope says “please hold your hold your call as our customer service agent is all occupied at the moment.” Then it will replay the whole iphone advertisement thing again, then the short melody, and the false hope voice again. This whole process wasted about 10 minutes of my monthly free calling 100 minutes talk time (it’s gone just like this) and in the end I didn’t even had a chance to talk to their staff at all!! I concluded that if I could move my ass a little, I might reach home faster if I just take MRT / bus home.

In the end, I waited at the cab waiting place near Heartland Mall for a cab. Finally, a cab saw me waiting at that taxi stand and came to a stop in front of me. Just then, there’s this *)&#@)(# guy who saw the taxi going to come to a stop and made an act of flagging that taxi down (so like as if he was the one taking the can instead). I was ()*@#)@($&@)(#*@ pissed but of course being the afraid-of-getting-into-trouble person like me, I wasn’t really sure what I should do and at this time the taxi driver horned at me, so of course I just went ahead to board the cab instead. (Thank God!) Ayz, have no idea why I always see )*&#)@*&#)@# people like this who snatch taxi from people.

Anyway, am suppose to do work, but I really really don’t feel like moving my brain at all. Let’s see if I will be able to get any concentration later. For now, I’m going to just sit on the sofa and watch a bit of television first hehe.


12 thoughts on “Rainy Days in Singapore

  1. FIRST!

    once when i was at plaza sing’s taxi queue, got people just stand near the taxi waiting area and flag taxis de. pro right? they bypass the entire line of people la!
    super jian man!

    1. so that entire line of people also didnt do anything ah LOL! i think maybe foreigners always cut queue and nobody do anything about it, then all the more they go and do this lor.

      oh yeah, that time when we were queueing to get up the ferry right, there’s this 2 angmohs standing on our left side. (there was a lot of people queueing behind us). so i told my friends why these 2 people standing beside us like as if we’re all friends sia. then my friends told me they cutting queue. then we were like what the hell, so many people queueing, why cut our queue, my friend went on saying they not gentleman and we just kept saying, in the end, one of the guy waited for us to get in first, the other one just cut our queue. such assh*les. >.<

      1. actually i think they were locals man, dont understand either. i guess nobody wanted to make a scene ba. i was in the line also i think but i just ren lor. although i was quite annoyed. *sigh*
        its always a problem of either being zhan pian yi or gen xiao ren ji guo (did i get that right?)

        and wah, they seriously quite pro man. but that guy must have the hide of an elephant sia. ming xian being scolded liao still continue being an asshole.
        there should be a special circle of hell for people like that.

        1. ah is it. think im being a bit biased here haha. but most of the time i was being cut queued by china people though, though i admit that older singaporeans also do this kind of stuffs. hmm… gen xiao ren ji jiao… ji guo is more like… when you do something bad as a student and the discipline master / teacher take it down = ji guo.

          er. the 2 guys really quite pro. we kept saying, especially my friend went on about them not being gentleman, and they onli know how to cut woman’s queue, and blah. lol.

          1. actually i think your friend also damn pro sia. hahahahhaha
            i’d like to have her around man. 😀

            and you know, all my friends from china right now are like super normal, civilized human beings. is it possible that somehow our country is only attracting the most uncivilized of the whole of china ar?

            1. LOL!!

              hm, maybe cuz our country dun really filter the people coming here, random people can just come in. or maybe you just happened to see the uncivilized ones over here and the civilized ones over there LOL!

              1. i am like super amused by how skinny this box can get. all the words are already out of the box liao le lor! hahahah

                i shall continue replying this to see how skinny this can become. 😀

  2. Rainy day damn hard to get taxi de la.. if i were you i will sure go snatch that taxi before he gets it. lol.. i will tell him “you blind ah!? i was here first! RAWR”

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