The Day Before Chinese New Year

Some cotton like thingy plants in my house. I didn’t thought it was nice at first and didn’t pay much attention to it, until I saw the furry parts came out and I think it was super cute, so I helped in removing all the “shells” to expose the cotton thingy.

I think this is the most beautiful stalk in the whole plant thingy.

This is those shell like thingies that I removed from plants to reveal the cotton~~~ I’m getting really good at this, hell I can make a living out of plucking out the shells beautifully (as if).

One poor cotton thingy that dropped out of the plant when my mum adjusted everything back in place again, such a beautiful some more, it’s very good to touchy~~

And finally a whole picture took by my mum to show how the cotton like stalks of plants (Dunno what I describing man LOL!)  look like. I’m actually holding a stalk that looks uber nice, but it’s kinda hard to see it properly. Saw the rat-like thingy coming out on the top? Scroll down to see the whole pic~~

TADAH!!! Isn’t this cute~~~~ Though I think it kinda look like rats though, oh wells. THEY’RE RABBITS!!! I took this pic, isn’t it nice~~

I wanted to take a picture of this 招财猫 my mum just bought which it’s left arm will move front and back, my mum say I crazy though *pout*, so I didn’t take it wahaha.

Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year people~~~


9 thoughts on “The Day Before Chinese New Year

  1. yay 😀 happy chinese new years!! well soon! haha its still the 1st for me X) nice pictures! i remember those plants from elementary school! they are so cute and fuzzy! but i forgot what theyre called!

  2. wah the mao mao thing kawaii!! hahahaha
    i like furry things.
    but i think the husk looks kinda gross. bleah.

    happy chinese new year!!!!
    miss you much much! MUAX

    note: the rabbits seriously look more like hamsters….

    1. yeah the mao mao thing is nice!! LOL! very nice to touch~~~~~
      the husk is okay la, just that everything put together in a plastic bag looks gross LOL

      happy chinese new year~~~~~~~

      yeah i know it looks like mouses LOL

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