The Green Hornet – Movie

The reason why I’ve watched this — Jay Zhou.

I saw the trailer, it seems kinda funny to me, and Jay Zhou’s English doesn’t seems that bad, and since I really feel like watching a movie recently, I went ahead to watch it with my friends.

The show is pretty funny generally, there was laugher most of the time and every 5-10 minutes there will be come joke going around. Jay’s English is not that bad, he even managed a American slang which I don’t know how so many people can fake it (I think I totally suck at things like slangs and accents, I have zero talents in this). Oh, and he’s very shuai, so I had a pretty good  time staring at his face. The graphics are not bad too, with all  those weapons installed for the car (actually I think the main character of the movie is the car since it appear like >50% of the time).

However, I don’t really think highly of this movie (oh shit, am I like liking animation movies more than I ❤ real movies?). My concentration kinda slipped off during the middle of the show when the 2 male leads were talking / arguing about something. And when you watch until the end of the whole movie, you will be like “So, what’s the whole point of the movie?”. At least that is what my friends and I felt, in the end, they did not gain / lost anything even though this is suppose to be superhero-like kind of movie.

Oh, I mentioned this before but I’m going to like repeat this again. I like movies that have a whole ending, I’m the typical kind of person where everything comes to a good ending, like the male lead and the female lead got together; A broken family got back together etc; The whole movie ends up in good endings like those of a fairy tales (maybe that’s why I like animation movies more?). So when I watch movie like Internal Affairs where everybody just ended up in Hell is really not the kind of thing for me, I wasn’t even paying any attention when the LOSErs were watching Internal Affairs II in Oi Shan’s house.

Wa, I realized there isn’t even much things I can talk about for this movie. It isn’t  that bad, but it’s not that great. If I have a sudden urge again to watch a movie, I wouldn’t watch this the second time.

Cameron: Why did you ask me to research on the Green Hornet when you guys are the Green Hornet?!

Jay / Seth : We asked you because we didn’t know what to do next! So that you can give us instructions on what to do! So theoretically speaking, you’re our mastermind!

Cameron : WHAT?!


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