The New 5’B’s

Hey remember the 5 ‘C’s we’ve heard that a woman will be looking in a prospecting husband?

1 ) He needs to own a Car
2) He needs to have Credit card
3) He needs to have Cash
4) He needs to have a Career
5) He needs to own a Condominium.

I don’t think most women really need their husbands to have all this (because if that’s the case, the figure for the number of marriages each year is going to be very pathetic, but this 5 ‘C’s thing is commonly known among all the females in Singapore I guess. I think I knew it from a TV drama shown on Channel 8 long long time ago.

Anyway, the main point is when I read the U magazine yesterday night, I found a very interesting article which says that the 5’C’s are no more, instead, it’s now upgraded to 5’B’s.

1) He not only need to own a car, he need to have a BMW
2) He not only need to own a credit card, he need to own a Bank
3) He not only need to have cash, he need to be a Billionaire
4) He not only need to have a career, he need to be a Boss
5) He not only need to own a condominium, he need to own a Bungalow

10 years ago, the 5 ‘C’s were less common (Especially the credit card and condominium part). However, 10 years later, with the rise of living expenses and the rise of the salary of a lot of people (but not me / family, weird), it’s just logical to push up the 5’C’s to 5’B’s I guess. It’s just making the guys wanting to achieve something harder? Haha.

Whatever, anyway, this is just for entertainment purpose. I find it pretty amusing how materialistic Singapore females are becoming (like as if I’m not one LOL).


7 thoughts on “The New 5’B’s

      1. dont have leh….i think he only got 2 Bs nia. one bungalow (on his private island) and he’s highly likely a billionaire…dont know got BMW anot. maybe he prefers other models? I know he has a customized boat. and he doesn’t own a bank….

        so yeah, it’s just one J.

        which comes with the private island.

          1. yeahlor. actually to tell the truth, the only real time my love for johnny was ever put to the test was when i read this esquire article about him and his island.
            the writer basically followed johnny around on his island, his private yacht, etc, and he described in vivid detail every single damn aspect, including the top grade beef in the burgers, the pirates themed rooms in the yacht customized by johnny himself, etc etc.
            so much so that even though i love johnny to death, for the first time ever, i got really really annoyed, hahahahhahaha
            i find it alot easier to love poor people than rich people.

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