I’m starting to hate FaceBook, a lot

I think most of you guys know (or you don’t know), I’m a very whiny person. I like to whine about things a lot, especially when I’m particularly very angry about someone, something or overly-stressed, overly-depressed in some period. Well, if I could, I would like to whine while lying down, kicking my foot on the floor, spinning myself around on floor 360 degrees but of course I can’t do that, my mum will bring me to IMH straight away. So what I do is complain and whine about the thing that made me this upset.

I want to change this part of me, really. Especially when I saw people who keep complaining about the some things that make them very angry, and being the listening, I’m beginning to understand that it is pretty annoying when too much complaint has been heard. I tried to tone down a lot, because I obviously cut down a lot of whining as compared to how I did when I was still in Prestigious High School, but as I recalled how I was like a few weeks ago, I still think I should cut down even more. Of course this seems easier now because I am very calmed now, Hell is coming in less than a week time, I just hope that I can still maintain this zen-ness then.

Anyway, getting to the main part. I seldom go to FaceBook, the only reason why I will go as frequent as when you saw me there is because I’m playing this only one game called “CEO Dream” (Yeah, I’m still playing it). If not, I would rarely rarely go up there unless I receive notifications of people posting comments / posts on my wall. Even the posts I made in FaceBook is through Twitter, not directly through the web itself.

I have A LOT of people (and when I say A LOT, it’s really a lot, it might take up more than half of the people in the website) which I really want to delete in FaceBook. Why? Because some of them are people I don’t even want to say I know them, and they are definitely the kind if I saw them on the streets 100m away and if I know it’s them I will turn in another direction and go off. Or if it really comes down to the situation where it’s too late to move any direction, I would just pray in my heart 10000 times that they didn’t see me. These people takes up half of the people I want to delete. The other half is those that I knew them very very long time ago, like when I was still separating myself from Earthlings and living in my own lalaland, so even if I saw them on the streets and recognize them, I wouldn’t say Hi to them and I doubt they even know who I am since they have like 2134 people on their FaceBook.

Why am I not deleting them? Besides the fact that it’s very troublesome to take that 15 minutes of my life (this takes up 20% of my reluctance), the real reason is because when I do that, it makes me look bad, like I’m some psycho freak who suddenly just delete so many people from her list, Hell knows if those deleted people will know whether I have deleted them or not but I still feel bad and guilty (even though I am not even committing any crime). Which is the reason why they are still on my list, which contributes to the biggest reason why I start to hate FaceBook a lot.

You see, all those of you who have been reading my blog, been seeing me for this recent period and heard me whine about things would know how stress I really am in this company my friend started, because the company literally composes of only 2 of us. So in the midst of the busy-ness and stress-ness, I go to FaceBook for my game and then I will see some posts under “Top News” or “Most Recent” which involve people going overseas to have fun, stressing over nonsensical stuffs like whether he like her, or she like him or he don’t like her or she don’t like him or whoever like whatever, writing emo stuffs that are so abstract and it just sounds like because they are so damn free they had nothing else better to do. (Ah it sounds like I’m whining again OOPS! Oh well) The worst is you when you see bimbos spend money like it’s Hell money and they don’t even have to work hard for it, FaceBook is like helping me to see how miserable I really am man.

Anyway, point is, I really am going mad over these kind of posts. I know, I’m trying really hard to not see them nowadays. But sometimes I just go to FaceBook in a daze and habitually I would scroll down to see people’s statuses (trying really hard to stop it now). If FaceBook is making me anymore pissed off than now, I’m really going to just delete it.

Oh if you guys don’t understand how come I’m so mad over this kind of things (maybe cuz you still don’t know what a person I really am) is because I’m the kind of person that when he feels miserable, he will wish the whole world to perish with him, this explains a lot I think. To put it even more simply, 愤世嫉俗 is the word.

When you see people on FaceBook, don’t you sometimes think that everybody is like moving forward, they changed so much but yet you’re still like the same as how you were when you know them. ~_~

Bimbo #231

“My brother asked me what I want for my birthday, camera or IPhone 4. I said IPhone 4 but what I really want is a camera, but I haven’t decide which model I want yet. Oh well, I will just settle for an IPhone 4 then.”

*Above text is not exactly the same as what was written, but the exact meaning is there, am dead serious.


15 thoughts on “I’m starting to hate FaceBook, a lot

  1. oo new layout!
    on one hand, i know how you feel. i rarely go overseas (this exchange trip being exception to the rule) and around me are hordes of filthy rich people that make me puke blood from how rich they are.
    i think suffering in any degree is alot easier bourne when you don’t have people living the floozy high life to compare yourself to.
    so yeah, if there’s a I-Hate-Rich-Bastards club, the two of us can fight to be club president liao.

    but on the other hand, currently i’m in hong kong, so no matter what i’m definitely better off than you, who is working, hahaha.
    if it makes you feel any better, i’m currently suffering daily from my most wonderful skin problems and i spend a lot of time shivering because my dorm has no heater and i have few warm clothes (if you think about my usual sleeveless wardrobe, you can figure out the rest) and naturally, i also miss you guys much much.

    *huggies* miss miss miss miss missssss you!

    1. wahaha i also like this new layout, very nice~ anyway, just click on the blog i think is easier to view.
      hhehehehe, i hate rich bastards club LOL!!!! if there really is this kind of club i think i will join also, no matter president or not haha. actually its not just rich bastards, actually most people around us are just well-to-do, thing is they don’t have to work hard for things to drop onto their head, cuz they already have their parents/siblings to giv them what they want. so you might want to think of another club name LOL!

      eh… somehow you are not in the category that will piss me off, i think even if my closer friends are in a better state than I, don’t think will affect me that much, because in the first place my closer friends are definitely also mugging the same time as i do ( like you all and some other friends of mine who are working / studying). AND they never made bimbotic comments lol.
      er… as for your skin problem, no it doesnt make me feel better, pain like physically and mentally is different, i dun think it makes me feel better to know my friend is suffering ba, unless those rich bastards have the same problem you are facing currently then i will feel better hahaha.

      ill be in thailand in another 2 weeks time~~~

  2. lol. *speechless* why not try to make them have some restriction of not be able to write on ur wall or not be able to see ur status instead of deleting them away(under the account privacy tab. well i actually do that and i remove their feeds from appearing from my main page.)
    anw, that bimbo example you gave is damn common. plus i think the content is just to showoff to her friends. (which would totally piss me off to the max)

    1. ooooh, actually i didn’t thought of that, great idea! LOL ill go and do it when i have the time to wahahaha.

      very common meh. that only one time i saw it, i had like < 6 hours sleep everyday and chionging work like mad crazy, i feel like murdering that bimbo when i saw it man lol. but anyway, in a class of students, half of the females in the class belongs to the bimbo group anyway lol. so maybe thats why its common lol.

  3. yeah true lar. it’s not so much the rich thing but the money-comes-easily to me thing that aggravates me.
    anyway i think your example isn’t actually that bad also leh.
    i knew one guy who was inside tiffany’s (for some reason i was in the store with him and another guy) and he was looking at this key pendent and saying how he was gonna get his mom to buy it for him, definitely.
    by the way, this happened last year, when the guy was 22 years old.
    my mind seriously just went blank cos i couldn’t even process the illogic of it.

    and what about the communist club? or the die!bimbos,die! club?

    1. ah… i think that guy is pretty bad also LOL! anyway the example i gave, you also know that person lol. but anyway, got difference meh, tiffany also hundred plus and this iphone thing also hundred plus item ma.

      die! bimbos, die! is good. but if its a guy then what is he called?

        1. HUH LOL! i didnt know its called himbo HAHA! oh gosh, bimbo at least sounds nicer LOL!
          eh true ah. buy the key pendant gan ma lol. shen jing. haiz. stupid rich bastards.

          1. later on i heard that when you turn 21, your father is supposed to buy a key pendent for you to wear for one year. god knows where this strange tradition comes from. never heard before that also.
            maybe it was for that ba. budden he was already 22 liao. dont understand.
            maybe he just likes key pendents.

            i remember staring at the pendent and thinking, 200+ for this lump of metal??!?!?
            it’s not like it’s engraved, or it’s made of diamond of something. it’s just metal!
            i just stareeeeddd.

            1. lol. father? no la parents. i dunno where this strange tradition comes from either LOL~
              22 dun need to wear liao or maybe he was turning 22 that year but he is still 21? LOL!

              and anyway, because its tiffany and co, thats why even if got metal is still 200+. but if there is diamond or what, its more than just 200 niao i think LOL!

  4. LOL! I shall be careful not to write abstract stuff in my status (which reminds me that I have to change it because it’s in short form now and nobody gets it!)

    I’m currently not stressed yet..but I will soon be when the assignment deadlines get nearer..and I have one due in less than 3 weeks. I have yet to do anything about it. OMG I need to start doing now.

    Work hard and play hard ok!

    1. nono. the abstract stuff is like those “I’m not sure if I will still be around when you turn back the next time” or …. Ai ya, dunno what la, but you know they are talking about romance / emo thing.

      yeah im working very hard now lol. ayz~~~

  5. oh ya and this layout ar…i like the banner at the top and everything, but overall less user friendly leh. a bit messy, plus where’s the latest comments thing ar?

    1. i know why you think its messy lol cuz youre looking at the home page. actually you saw the navigation bar like just below the banner. you’re suppose to like click on the “blog” word to come into the blog lol.

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