Back from Thailand

Hello people!! Am back from the hot hot place, Thailand finally!!! Then again, if you’re okay with the weather in Singapore, you wouldn’t find it a problem to be surviving in Thailand. Actually, Thailand is hotter than in Singapore, because according to my current boss, she say that Singapore plants a lot of plants, which provides shades for us. Whereas in Thailand, it’s just concretes, and people, especially with the crowd of people, it’s super hot, I think I left a trail of oil behind me when I walk =P.

I realized I took around 100 plus photos, it’s pretty impossible to upload everything here, so I’ll just upload the critical / interesting ones.

Just got up the plane and since we had nothing better to do, then of course its the time to take picture wakaka~

When we are reaching Thailand, the air attendants gave this to us as memoirs I think, I still don’t know what flower is this though, I thought this is orchid, but why would Thai airway give us our country’s flower? Haha, anyway, I clipped it on my bag and bring it back to the hotel.

Okay, that is all for before we reach Thailand, I only took places in this same scenery~~

This was taken when we reached Baiyoke Boutique Hotel and we’re leaving on a buggy to shop in nearby streets. Uwa, my eyes look so small here wahahaha. Anyway, it felt much better sitting in a skill driver’s buggy =P. This reminds me of the time I was in buggy where we had to drive our own buggy (was really worried then).

I wanted to take pictures of the taxis over there when we were on our way to the hotel, but it’s pretty hard to take picture in the middle of the trip, so I gave it up. I only have a few pictures of the cabs..

Ai ya, out of all the colors of cabs, I only took this 3, sadded. Anyway, the main point is, the color of the cabs there is very eye catching, the pink color one caught my eye immediately. There’s still a lot of other colors, and it all came in bright colors, there’s yellow, orange, green, blue, I didn’t have my camera with me all the time so I missed the chance to take the photos *pout*.

Now is time to show the results of first day of crazy shopping, anyway, those that you see, 90% of it is my friend’s results. Only the top couple T-Shirt box is bought by me, and it’s not even for me haha.

If you think that is all, then you have to continue looking at the pictures.

The first picture is the results of first half day, we went back to the hotel like around 2 plus to take the first picture, then this above picture is taken from the second half of the first day. Hm, half of the key chains are mine, and the pants on the top. The rest belong to you-know-who (voldemort LOL).

This 2 pictures are the biggest “harvest” I got from this trip, but then again, only 1 of the 2 same bags belong to me, all others are for people.

Zzz, I will be an idiot to go to shopping places again, actually, don’t know why I bought so many bags here for =.=, I should have just got a few more bags for myself, anyway, after giving my family some of them, I don’t have much left now -.-|||.

This is the only precious picture of the streets in Bangkok, I even took this as a testing shot, ayz, I’m missing out on a lot of pictures to take of. This was taken when we were on the buggy.

Uwa, I realized I forgot to take the picture of our hotel room HAHA! Too bad, please see more pictures of me then wakaka.

Wow, I look so holy, there’s even a holy light at the top of my head *shines*.

Behind us is the lift to our hotel rooms!! But of course the focus is still us, just stare at my face *arrogant* wakaka.

This is their theme park called “Dream World”, eh, to be exact, this are the theme park games where you throw balls at bottles or shoot darts to get enough points to redeem the soft toys, just wanna show you guys how good their soft toys are. Most of the soft toys look very nice, 100000 times better than those in Genting Highland, but of course the weather in Genting win though. This theme part is a open air concept, which means -> Hot.

This is the entrance to the theme park, pity it’s not DisneyLand ~_~

Okay, am going to just upload a few more photos, else I don’t have to sleep tonight, am spending too much on this article wahaha.l

Okay, that’s about it, I’m pretty lazy to upload anymore.

Anyway, now for the conclusion. If you are a female who likes shopping a lot, especially for clothing, Bangkok is the place for you. Those clothes you saw on Bugis street are mostly sold in Bangkok and around half the price they sell it here.

Guys who go there will not be suitable though, because the things for men are very limited. As for me who is a female who don’t like shopping, I only constantly think that I went to the wrong place haha. There are also a lot of accessories for women.

Dream World theme park is the first theme park I went that is so damn hot, cuz those I’ve went before are either in door, or in colder countries, so I pretty much can’t stand the weather. There are a lot of pictures to take in Dream World though, if you have nowhere better to go, Dream World can be an option. Just that after paying for the ticket to go in to the park, you will still have to pay money for everything else in the park, including rides, which I think is a pretty stupid idea.

Anyway, next stop : Taiwan / Australia / Korea. Think colder countries are still better for me, time to save up money again haha.


9 thoughts on “Back from Thailand

    1. LOL!! what did i do tsk!!! save money lor, we can go overseas together, ah then again, somebody in university ~_~

      YEAHHH the taxis very nice!!!!!!!! so sad i didn’t take down the pictures of it. the blue one especially nice though, but my area there most of it is pink color d

        1. cuz i will be made to wait for you while you shop for clothes. O_O i’ve already suffered this kind of pain in thailand when i waiting to my friend to shop for her clothes like MOST of the time lol.

          1. ah! i see. i feel your pain.
            dont worry lar. as you know, people like me cant shop for very long, ‘cos very fast bi liew de. hahahaha

              1. ah! i see. then maybe its possible after all LOL! at least i dun think you will leave me rot alone like my friend did *pissed off* LOL!

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