What Women Want – Movie

I have 3 movies to blog about, and that is because I totally forgot to blog about it, and within these 2 weeks I watched 2 movies and so I’m like “behind posts”.

The reason why I wanna to watch this movie is because of Andy Lau, and the reason why I don’t wanna to watch this is because of Gong Li, but in the end the desire to see Andy Lau overcome the desire of not wanting to see Gong Li and because we wanted to find something to do ( I guess, don’t really remember the reason ).

I didn’t quite like Gong Li until I watched this movie and I thought, “She’s actually pretty charismatic”, and the usual thought that Andy Lau is very nice looking, but nevertheless getting skinnier and skinnier.

Actually I kinda like this movie poster, and since this movie was meant for couples to watch on the Valentine’s Day, I guess it pretty much suit the atmosphere. Eh, since I watched this like 1 month plus ago, I don’t really recall the whole movie.

The movie was pretty funny, in some parts. OH, I remembered what drove me to watch this movie, I heard the song “Slip Away” sung by Andy Lau for this movie. The movie trailer was shown on TV like around 12-2AM and since my aunt watches TV at that time I saw that trailer and I thought the song is nice.

Anyway, the power to be able to hear other people’s thoughts are always very fascinating to me, though this movie is only for him to listen to women’s thoughts, but it’s about the same anyway wahaha. I didn’t quite like the part when he stole ideas from the female lead by listening to her thoughts, but he did confessed to this at a later part so it wasn’t that bad.

Eh, overall, I think it’s quite good, I just think it’s pretty much a comedy show, it didn’t felt like a roller coaster to me cuz there wasn’t much sadness even when the female lead left him, which I don’t know is it a good thing or not because I wasn’t touched (then again, even that weird ass Korean movie the LOSErs watched a few years back didn’t make me wanna to cry so I don’t know if the problem is with me or not haha). Well, if you’re bored and you wanna to watch a Chinese movie, you can go for this haha.

Oh final conclusion is, this is the kind of movie that I normally will not wanna to watch for the second time (it’s not really bad, but it’s just not really good either haha, I’m so evil).

I still love my Nicholas Tse the most <333333


10 thoughts on “What Women Want – Movie

  1. Gong Li is damn damn hot can? She’s an excellent excellent EXCELLENT actress!!
    Love her to death sia.
    I watched the original Hollywood version – it was also okay lar.
    Gong Li!!!! *drool*

        1. erm… cuz apparently my boss like angelina jolie, and when i told her i dun feel like watching this show is because of gong li, she had the EXACT same reaction as you did, and thats how i guess it lol.
          im the odd leo out LOL!

          1. hahahhaha i like your boss. got good taste! 😀
            now that i think about it, i know your taste in guys, more or less, but what kind of actresses do you like ar?

                  1. hhahahahahh similar to me lor. i like people with a lot of X factor de. cos seriously i cant really find a pattern to the type of idols i like, except they’re all generally very charismatic lor. hahaha

                    1. orhhhh. i onli came to realise that i like very si wen / characteristic recently. i always thought i like pretty boys but then i dun like wu zhun, so i guess there might sometimes be random pretty boys i like ( though recently lesser of these)

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