Japan Disaster


Just thinking of sharing the link for people to donate money to help Japan. I don’t really like watching news, but coincidentally I have been watching the news for these few days and I felt very sad for them.

I thought that we could have do more for them, I understand that it might not easy to find people to go to a dangerous place to help people, but at least we could have give more donation funds to them. Anyway, it’s also saddening to go to FaceBook everyday and see people complaining about small little things in their lives and not even mentioning about the disaster.

If anything is to happen to Singapore, the people would definitely be in for a loss, with half of the population flying back to their own countries, and the remaining people who would not know what to do because we are too well fed, I think most people would have flown away too. When will we ever to be like Japan who would stay together as a country when disaster befalls? Maybe ten thousand years later.

Ayz, watching the news make me wanna to cry.

Add : Ah, just realised a lot of organizations are helping to collect funding for Japan, so it’s not that bad afterall.


6 thoughts on “Japan Disaster

  1. I think what they need most is not money.. but resources. We know there are disasters out there but there isn’t much things that we can do(except for asking people donating and praying) but life still goes on.. you can’t blame people for not talking about japan disaster,(maybe we cannot even talk about saving others without first saving ourselves) anyway people seems to forget that new zealand and china is also having disasters.
    Talking about ten thousand years later, would the earth still be there?

    1. ayz, giving them money is the least we can do. since going there now is really just suicidal act, considering that the nuclear thingy is spreading there. not forget ba, i think is just we are too far away from disasters, so it won’t affect us in any way ba.
      eh… the reason why i say ten thousand years later is precisely because its almost impossible for us to be like japan ~_~

  2. i keep telling myself to donate. budden now rushing homework. dot. okay okay, tonight i come back i will definitely donate.
    i wish theyll just pass a box round and ask me donate leh, then itll be easier.

    1. LOL!!! i rather donate straight ba, who knows where the money in the box will end up at~~ haizzzz. sian oi shan im so stressed and siannnnnnnnnn

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