I Am Number Four – Movie

There wasn’t any plan to watch this at all, I wanted to sing K on that day, I did managed to sing it but in the end because of KBox’s marvelous 6 dollars promotion, this promotion only allow us to sing for 2 hours, and obviously it’s less than enough for me. I have this 15% discount voucher with me which I wanted to use so we can sing for longer hours, we checked in around 3 and theoretically they should at least allow us to sing until 7 (cuz it’s the K Golden timing and since we are going to pay the original price), and who knows she actually told us that we can only sing until 6, and with the voucher, each of us is going to pay 28 dollars. I have totally no idea how they actually calculate the price, KBox is so ridiculous nowadays.

Anyway, with the extra time we had, Xia and I decided to watch a movie instead. Sadly, there wasn’t any choice until we saw this poster advertisement. The one we saw was the other one, there wasn’t this pic of this guy, it’s just a round sphere in the middle and wrote the title “I Am Number Four” on it, and with spooky words like “There are 9 of us, 3 are dead, I’m the next one”, I really thought it’s a horror movie though I didn’t recall it being one (I never watched or heard of the trailer before, but I recalled it being fantasy-like). Even though I remembered it wasn’t horror, but when I saw those words, I was pretty convinced that it’s a horror movie. So I didn’t wanna to watch it until I remembered Edalene saying that she wanted to watch it. Not wanting to go home and not wanting to not watch movie, I called her.

“Hello! Edalene ah?”
“Yeah, eh? You come back from Thailand already?”
“Yeah, just reached yesterday, I wanna to ask you you said you wanna to watch I Am Number Four right?”
“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Go watch go watch! My colleagues say is nice!”
“Really? Is it a horror movie?”
“Har?! No la!!! It’s not horror movie!! Just go and watch, it’s nice, no ghost inside!”
“Really meh???” (Unconvinced)
“Really la, if you watch already got ghost I let you beat me.”
“Serious? If really got ghost I’ll come and beat you” (LOL)

So with my friend’s guarantee, I decided to watch it. Actually my friend said it in Chinese and it really made me LOL.
The actually sentence was
“真的吗?But I see the poster, like is horror movie leh”

I really LOLed at that. It was a pretty extraordinary answer haha.

Anyway, I realized that whenever somebody tell me a movie is nice, I kinda get my expectation high I think, so when I watch those movies, it always turn out to not be as what I have expected. Xia insisted that the male lead is very good-looking, but I think the other guy is more good-looking, but I think he’s younger though, oh, and I also thought number 3 looks good, he died in the first 5 minutes of the show though. Both is younger than the male lead. Sigh, okay, I have the potential to be pedophile man. Or I can go for “ducks” when I’m old HAHA.

Eh, I kept comparing this show to Last Airbender, though both movies are different in a lot of ways. The only same thing is that the people in the show have special skills. I wasn’t very fascinated by the show, I still think Last Airbender is nicer.

I had a few days of nightmare after watching this show though, I don’t really understand either. Well, there is a part that’s pretty disturbing, but compared to what I’ve watched in Frozen, this is really peanuts, so have no idea what I had nightmares for a number of days continuously.

Ah, I realised it’s pretty hard for me to talk about this show, it’s like there are nothing much significant for me to talk about either. Eh, but if my friends have the show of this, I don’t mind watching it again but I won’t get the movie myself haha.


9 thoughts on “I Am Number Four – Movie

  1. I am Number One!!

    i saw the trailer for this. it looked kind of lame, so i wasn’t interested.
    and you know, about you being a pedeophile, i think i will probably become one soon also, cos i keep getting older and older but the trend for asian celebrities just keep getting younger and younger (or maybe it remains the same, i’m just old.)

    ah, my bones are aching.

    1. really, i didnt see the trailer. and it’s really… so-so, LOL! some parts of the movie dun even make sense ~_~ the logic a bit weird.
      eh? haaaahhaha… you mean jap and korea all those? that one still okay ba, at least jo kwon is one year older than me wahaha. i think i still like pretty boys (some onli though) haha.

      and youre onli 20!! LOL! dun behave like as if youre 40 LOL!

      1. i have a sinister image in my mind of my 40 year old self drooling over young pretty boys.

        i’m gonna be one of those perverts in dramas and mangas who smack young boys on their buttocks and leer at them and try to trap them in a room to ravage them.
        oh deary deary me.

            1. LOLLLLLLLL!! don’t have to emphasis that it’s coming from me. and sides…. i dun have such serious problem of pedophile… so youre definitely more pervertic LOL!

              1. you know, i’m definitely not a pedeophile. my only problem is i’m getting older but my taste in boys isn’t changing with it.
                is that really my fault?

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