Am A Free Man (Woman)

Hello people! In case you guys are wondering whether I’m dead or lost somewhere in Singapore (or not), I’m still alive and perfectly slacking my life away. I haven’t been blogging for a uber long time, the thought of blogging didn’t come to me until I received an email from Oi asking me to blog, and even then I was pretty lazy to blog haha.

Anyway, I should tell you guys now that I’m currently a super duper free person, cuz Imma jobless person now~~ I am jobless starting from the first day of this month, and was busying myself with going to my godparents’ house, playing my BigFishGames hidden object games like mad, playing my PSP, playing my DS Lite, watching a lot of evil hamsters (if you know what I mean).

And then it suddenly occurred to me that I should tell you guys that I’m very very free currently haha. I still have some money to last me through for the next 2 months, and actually when a person have no school / work, the amount of money you spend is really much much lesser. I even tried walking all the way from my house to my godparents’ house to save on the transport fee (but I ended up taking transport home though hahaha). Though the distance from AMK to Kovan seems pretty near, but I still took around 1 hour 30 minutes to reach their house. The weather in Singapore is frigging hot, I almost felt like I’m dying on the way.

As I have so much free time now, and due to the many many setbacks I have felt during my career, I’m starting to waver as whether programming is really cut out for me or not, and if I’m not going to continue in this path, what other path am I going to take. Ayz, I even considered going to StarBucks to work for this time being (it’s just a random thought). For now, I’ll just wait for everything to sort itself out, I’m going to just sit back and enjoy my life for a while.



5 thoughts on “Am A Free Man (Woman)

  1. ae, walao, you didn’t blog for so long, i seriously thought you died somewhere, or went overseas or what!
    since you’re not working, then blog more!!
    people so loyally visiting your blog everyday de you know!?
    *major sulk*

    1. LOL!! hahaha, if i went overseas i would have blogged about it de ma right. ai ya, dun have the thought of blogging ma not my fault ye know (angel look).
      hahahaha, okay la okay la, ill try to blog more xDDD faster roll back to singapore la disgusting you. haizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i feeling so damn sad for my future UUU!

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