A new notebook / diary

You know, the bad thing about buying things off online is that it looks so so so ultra cute and nice (and big sometimes) and then when you buy it, the whole bubbles your brain made up of them just exploded and this ultra cute thing that looked so cute before just looks uber plain an ugly, and it’s surprisingly small.

So now, I suddenly hope that I’m a character in some drama or anime, and I can just throw the whole ugly thing into a basin and set the thing on fire.


17 thoughts on “A new notebook / diary

    1. a bit not accurate, it came out a lil smaller. and cuz from the picture it look very nice, and then when i go look at it again, i realise those patterns on the pages are drawn by example d. so in fact its totally like not the same thing LOL!

  1. eh then burn it lor! hahahah
    that’d be satisfying at least!

    oh ya, i forgot what it is you wanted again – a cap and then what was the other option?

    1. ill do it when im free beh hahahaha.
      ehhhh, my present also tsk!!! didnt help me to remind her!!!

      oh oi oi, souvenir is souvenir and present is present =))) its 2 difference cases xDDDDDDDDDD

      1. oi, dont greedy hor, you people!
        you think i rich issit?
        and sihui, i’ll just bring her dirt lar! so rich liao, summore might be going hk also.

        and gahhhh, how on earth am i supposed to find a yellow hoodie?? even if got, my eyes very naturally glaze over whenever i see colours like that! wahhh

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