Too Absorbed In Stories

I’ve been uber free recently, so have just downloaded an finished a PSP game, and I have to go through this kind of familiar heart-wrenching pain again. I think I’ve said this before, about how I find it very hard to pull out from a story that I’ve got myself very absorbed in for a considerable long amount of time.

The first recent case I felt like this was when I finished Trudi Canavan’s Magicial Guild series and was super damn sad when in the end the male character (which is the lead) I like very very much died . I took about 2-3 weeks to stop myself from thinking about the story over and over again when I’m free. Then the second recent case was when I’ve finished the PSP’s Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core, which is a RPG game (I like starting RPG games but I actually really rarely finishes any one), and I’ve finished the game to realize that the guy which I was playing as (and is the most important person in the game like duh) died. This got me into another super depressed state.

And then, I’ve got myself into this stupid situation again when I’ve finished a new game released for PSP, it’s not a new game to be exact, but has just been translated from Jap to English for people like us. Then, after I went through a 40 hours of gameplay, with the male and female lead characters in the game finally realized their feelings for each other only to find that the guy’s past wasn’t a good one, and he left the girl, and then I will have to wait for a goddamned who knows how long before the second one will be out. Cuz I’m super free now, I kept rethinking about the ending and the whole gameplay again and again, and whenever I kept rethinking, I feel damn sad again. Haiz, this is what happens when I play those RPG games that have strong story lines. Yet if the game doesn’t have great story lines, it’s quite impossible that I would finish the game. I’m just hoping that the second game would be released and not dropped halfway, and hopefully my PSP would be able to support it (else I also wouldn’t know what to do). Only thing troubling me is that, if the second one releases, and I’ve finished it again, I will have to go through another 1~ 2 weeks of depressed state again. Ayz. Irrites.

Anyway, I dun really know if this part of me is normal or not. Do you guys feel like this when you all just finished a series of books or games? I wonder will I ever stop feeling like this. I guess maybe that’s the reason why I liked shorter stories, stories that are shorter wouldn’t let me get too absorbed in it, so even if I finished them, I wouldn’t feel depressed or what.

I like stories that has a full circle as endings. Yet recently a lot of stories are those that have incomplete endings, zzz.

PS : Twilight has full circle as endings, but the female character is so retarded that I’m considering to burn away the first 2 books I bought.

PSS : And I’m not even curious about the story for the 3rd and the 4th books.


6 thoughts on “Too Absorbed In Stories

  1. LOL! It’s quite normal bah.. lol. i get emo for completing games and drama, especially when the ending is full of regrets.. and if i do not start to make myself busy by starting a new game or do other things i will start to think of the story again.. and i can still remember how sad the story is after a month..

    1. hahahaha good sia. to know that its not just me. but seriously, cuz of this kind of feeling, i always damn lazy to start a new anime / drama ~_~

      1. hahaa.. yeah lor yeah lor.. but one day will get over it de.. normally i want to watch comedy or u know there might be happy ending…. or either the entire story sucks whereby u wont be too absorbed in the story and you will start to curse how bad the story is after watching it.. HAHHAHAH

  2. hahahaha i’m actually the type who loves a strong ending, so no matter how the movie/book ends, even it’s the most depressing ending ever, s’long as it was suited to the movie/book, i usually love it.
    in any case for books, i’m usually a super slow reader, so i will be continually checking how many more pages to go, so it’s impossible for me to not know it’s ending. >.<

    budden for like dramas right, if i liked the drama alot and afterall i've been following it for so long, when it ends, even when the ending is obviously perfectly happy, i'll feel this heavy weight in my chest.
    i don't really play RPG games, 'cos I don't have a PSP…*sulk* but i think if i were in the same situation as you, i'd feel the same. 'cos nothing to play already!

    1. LOL!! i onli like happy endings haha. no depressing ones. unless its the kind of thriller / horror movies where you know everybody will just die in the end haha. ayz.. for reading books wise, i think you are the same as one of my friends, she also will know the ending before anything else lol.

      RPG games are gooddddddddddddd, HAHAHAHA! anyway, nice description of the heavy weight thing, haha thats very true

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