I feel like I’m lagging behind while all my friends in Uni are moving on with their lives.

What my dad says made me more determined to head overseas.


11 thoughts on “Lagging

  1. Tho i think i will miss you while u are overseas, but still we have to move on with our own paths one day. We may be far apart by distances but i believe our heart will be close. I can only wish u all the best! =) 记得要常常写信给我。wakakaka

    1. yup i know haha, so i will still apply for overseas uni during end may, will update then again xDD letter jiu bu yong le ba, something call email even faster LOL!

  2. do these “friends” include me?
    cos i sure as hell feel like i’m not moving anywhere.

    but regardless, gambatte! if you really go overseas, i’ll be very sad. i wont stop you, but please remember poor oi shan, who miss you much much!

  3. wah…. I’m sure I’m still here. I’m not progressing at all! But jiayou if you really want to further ur studies!

  4. yeah la you guys seem like youre progressing lor, while im still standing in lalaland LOL! just that you guys didnt notice la.. hahha .. yup thanks peeps~

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