Red Riding Hood – Movie

I totally forgot about this movie review which I said months ago that I’m going to blog about. I think you guys don’t remember either, but anyway, since I got nothing to blog about and yet I HAVE to blog, so I can only blog about this movie. I don’t even remember much about the movie haha, lemme see…

I remembered I saw this movie poster at the entrance of cathay cineleisure AMK Hub, I was quite attracted to the poster, because being the coward I am, all of you guys know that I’m uber interested in horror shows / stories yet I don’t dare to watch it myself (reading is no problem though). So, when I saw this dark poster with this red colored character in the middle, I thought it’s some creepy themed movie, I’m not interested to be involved in watching it, but I’m interested in the story and am thinking who I can ask to watch the movie and then tell me the story.

Anyway, on a random day which my friends and I decided to watch a movie, and we realized there isn’t much choice, we ended up with the choice of watching Red Riding Hood. I refused (duh), but majority rules, and my friend insisted that this isn’t a horror movie (which I really am unconvinced cuz I already set my mind to thinking this is a horror movie even without knowing what the show is really about).

This show, I think, is made to lure Twilight fans, those who like Jacob (werewolf). I was made to guess who is the werewolf throughout the whole movie, for the first 50% of the movie, I was damn convinced that the werewolf is one of the 2 male lead characters. Then the second 50% of the movie, I was damn convinced that the werewolf is the red riding’s hood’s ah ma. So the ending was pretty unexpected, which is quite like those detective shows like Jin Tian Yi (or I was just simply clueless about the show).

I don’t really like the show though. Actually in fact, I don’t even know what has the whole show got to do with Red Riding Hood at all, it’s not like she’s wearing the red riding hood for the whole movie, all I can remember was that she only wore it during the last 10 minutes (or I might be wrong I really don’t remember anything about the red hood at all, which goes to show how unimportant the red hood is, if there is at least a bull who came after her, I would have remembered it better).

So the whole show is about this girl trapped between these 2 handsome guys, which both seems uber likely to be the werewolf, with one who is well built, and look super handsome, and look a bit like Edward Cullen (looks a bit evilish), and the other looks more “sunny” and is a rich guy. So we see this “Bella” character trapped in between 2 guys again, and both uber handsome guys are interested in her. I’m just watching another movie that is really like Twilight, just that the vampire turned into a werewolf? Okay, Twilight’s a bit more ridiculous.

Eh, I’m going to give a spoiler part now. This is the most ridiculous part of the show. So after everythingggggggggggg, we finally know that the real werewolf is the female lead’s dad. He wanted to pass on the werewolf “bloodline”, he carried it on from her grandfather, and her grandfather from his father, and his grandfather’s father from his grandfather’s father’s father and so on. So with this passing down of the pure breed werewolf’s blood (cuz they passed it down from werewolf to werewolf’s child), the werewolf will get stronger and stronger), his daughter would be stronger than him. The female lead refused, this is one point which I don’t really understand, because if it’s me I guess I won’t mind, though I really prefer being a vampire to a werewolf, but I don’t have much choice, ain’t I? Cuz this is no Twilight.

Er… So being some character who represent Justice, she refused and tried to kill him, which is a success, but the vampire-like male lead got clawed by her father (as long as you sustain any injury from the werewolf and you didn’t die, you would be a werewolf, eh, the moon has to be a full moon though). The vampire-like guy turned in a werewolf in the end, and weirdly enough, the female lead didn’t kill him. Ayz, if I’m her father, I would definitely turn this whole movie into Grudge and kill my daughter myself man. Oh, at the end of the movie, you’ll see a werewolf coming to see the female lead, and she gave a (weird?)smile, which just means they’re together. I guess the only wrong thing her father did was to attempt to bite her, which causes her to kill him, that’s why when the male lead became a werewolf she didn’t kill him.

Here’s the trailer. It’s really a pretty ridiculous show.


6 thoughts on “Red Riding Hood – Movie

  1. I’m your first, babyeh!! ahahahah

    anyway, same director as Twilight, so duh!
    And yeah, don’t really understand why they made the poster look so serious when it just plain isn’t. >.<

    but i think what you said about the red hood is funny. hahahahaha
    guess they just needed a snappy title. 😀

    1. yeah, the only thing worth noticing about this movie is the poster, and how the red hood has got nothing to do with anything at all ~_~

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