THOR – Movie

I just watched this movie yesterday, the normal 2D version, cuz 3D version is much much more ex than 2D, and most of the time when I watched 3D, the only thing that is very 3D to me are the subtitles. So… What for would I wanna to spend $14 bucks to watch 3D subtitles through a movie~

This movie is super nice, because look at this person’s picture :


Isn’t he super hot looking!!!! Yup, he’s Chris Hemsworth, the one starring as Thor in Thor (LOL~). Erm, though his face looks a bit “bushier” in the movie, but nevertheless, still very hot looking, and his eyes are BLUE!!! (My fav *drools).

Okay, back to the main point. America’s movies’ graphics are getting better and better (as compared to Eastern countries which still looks friggin fake), so watching this movie is a great enjoyment. The graphics are cool, the sound effects are not bad, just that the sounds are a bit sharp, and I kept having this feeling that I would go deaf after the whole movie is finished).

There are a lot of funny parts in the show, especially since Thor who has always been living in Asguard (the celestial world) got kicked out from Asguard, and banished to Human world (hello~~), and his actions and the way he behaves are kinda like a madman who just ran out from some mental hospital.

What I really didn’t understand is that Thor fell in love with a mortal woman, it’s pretty hard for the romance to work out, since Thor will have to go back to his place eventually, it feels like those Chinese celestial show when you see celestials fell in love with mortals and then they got banished to human world (=.=, just that this is the opposite, he got banished first before falling in love with mortal).

Ayz, don’t feel like spoiling any more than I do, so just watch the movie. It’s really nice, I wouldn’t even mind watching it the second time. But I would have to get a ear plug to block off some of the sound.


PSS : OH!! Chris Hemsworth is onli 28 this year!! And he’s a Leo~~~ (what has that got to do with anything anyway LOL)


10 thoughts on “THOR – Movie

    1. LOL!!! CUZ I GOT NOTHING ELSE TO WRITE LIAO !!! LOL!!! how can i describe the movie without wanting to leak out the storyline!!! tsk!!!! i dun wan 3D movie. ex and no point lol.

  1. ae, you should be grateful lor. i bet you seriously would’ve hated that 3D movie lor!
    i help you bear the pain you know??

    and i think that guy looks better with the beard than without. >.<

  2. LOL!!!! yeah i think i might hate it la LOL!! but then hor, i alr ask si di to watch with me niao sia LOL!! what should i do now HAHA! yeah la, the part you mentioning about the gory and sm(though i alr kinda guessed that there is sm, but your clarification) makes me even more dun feel like watching it lol

  3. just tell her lor. maybe just switch a movie ba.
    si di will understand de la. *shrug*
    tell her it’s serioussssssly not worth watching.

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