A Salty Fish for A Month

I have to explain what does my title mean in case any of you don’t understand the meaning of it. Translate the “Salty” to chinese and you will get the word which sounds exactly like another word (kudos to oi shan if you get it, I’m expecting that the rest of you to get it haha). When you say something is “salty”, it’s natural to link it up with fish (or is not natural, oh whatever), and since I’ve been jobless for a month now, and thus the birth of this random title.

Due to me being jobless and whoever that should know it know it, and those who not know it won’t know it (just trying to make everything sounds complicated but actually it’s not *grin*), so everybody is pressing for me to blog more often than I usually does. I feel like a chicken that is suffering from malnutrition and being forced by the farmer to lay 2 eggs everyday (normal frequency of eggs bring layed is 1 per day? Just saying this on the basis that only an egg is bring produced per day).

It’s not that i don’t want to blog, people, you must understand that a salty fish just lies about anywhere and wait for the sun to shine on its body to make it saltier, so you can see how peaceful and boring and salty my life is. If my life were to be displayed like the heart meter thingy, you will say that it’s going on a straight line, I’m not saying that I’m dead by the way, I’m saying that there is nothing much to blog about, unless you guys want me to update about perverted things, but but but, even if you guys don’t mind, I will also feel shy *blush*.

Anyway, have not regretted going into my poly course before until recently. Cuz our course is mainly focusing on C++, so I can only confidently say that I know how to do programming in C++ / Obj C, and it finally dawned on me (like as if a hammer just dropped on my head and cracked my skull open) that I don’t like hard core programming, cuz I have been doing that for the past 1 year, and I’m pretty much sick of doing this kind of hardcore programming. However, even if I were to find other jobs, I can’t jump to anywhere (in fact, it’s not even easy to find a job that is for C++ programming). I should have went to courses like IT or Multimedia Infocomm instead, and I would be able to finally jump into web development. But I can’t. Cuz I dunno the languages for web development at all, I have briefly touched on it before, but I can confidently say that all that knowledge is bring thrown in the dead sea and being made into dead sea mud to be used on people’s body (just randomly saying it, it’s not going to make any sense).

I know, the only thing for me is to learn it myself now, which I can’t bring myself to, because being the big, lazy, unmotivated salty fish I am, I couldn’t care less to wash away my whole body of salt and go back into the big sea to struggle against the big waves. I just wanna be a ikan bilis and wait for a lightning to strike me (what am I saying dots).

Okay okay, people, am finally crawling out of my hole and trying to find job because though I wanna to slack, I have recently received a letter that demands for me to return the 6.7k of school fees which I have used up in my 3 years of poly. I’m seriously considering maybe I go look for normal admin jobs instead, or unless I can master ASP.NET, java whatever in a short time then I can try my luck as web development. Ayz. I’m starting to worry for my future man, and am starting to wish that I was born in other country and came to Singapore to study (so that I can go back to my own country and choose other path?).

Ayz!!! Can some random kami-sama point some flash light at me and show me the way. ZZz.


10 thoughts on “A Salty Fish for A Month

  1. your entry is full of craps but i liked!! HAHAHAA! Go find some temporary jobs for $$ and find some courses on ASP.net or whatever so that you get a cert, it’s would definitely help u in anyway if you are going to U or finding web dev related jobs.

    1. where got full of craps. my whole post is fully of heavy points man. i dun wanna spend money currently man. especially when i have a huge debt to repay. ayz. can some company come up and train me for the languages LOL!! okay, sorry, am dreaming.

        1. got metaphors meh. is pretty direct ma, people dun use metaphors d, there’s only heavy dots and straight-to-the-point sentences in my post man LOL!
          and no, i dun wanna go your house be maid tsk.

          1. im offering u a job u see. LOL! how can u reject me so directly!!!!! DID YE HEAR THE SOUND OF MY HEART BEING SHATTERED INTO TINY PIECES!!


  2. i get it lor. dont understand why must single me out in particular. discrimination sia.
    budden your use of the salty fish metaphor seriously random. >.<

    and i'm beginning to finally understand your problem liao.
    budden also bang bu liao ni la. not like i know i'm doing either.
    ji ai shun bian ba. common problem la hor?

    if kami-sama happens to use flash light help you, ask him shun bian come over and help me shine a bit also.

    1. orh okay, not discrimination kays, im paying extra attention to you, arent you touched xDDDDD
      is random meh, the onli thing i can think of ma LOL!

      yeah, in the middle of ji ai shun bian-ing LOL!

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