Unagi of a Friend

This is the third egg I’m producing three days in a row, so people, if I ain’t gonna blog for a few days, it would be perfectly understandable, pardonable and excusable. Actually this post is going to be catered for only one person because it’s another post that is about a friend of mine, the unagi. Since I’m a salty fish, it’s a common thing that I have another fish as my friend.

The thing about asking other people for idea of blogging is bad, because most of the time, the other person will tell you to blog about him / her. I admit, if any of you guys ask me for topic, I would also ask the person to blog about me HAHAHA! (which I have ask Oi Oi before). Okay, this person I’m going to talk about, I have blogged about her once before, but I think I already deleted that post already, so which makes the whole point invalid (according to her), so here I am, under her forceful demand special request, I have decided to blog this as the third egg in a row.

Actually, I have come to know of her existence ever since we were in Primary School, you know the time I was still busy hiding myself in a corner of the room, trying very hard to distance myself away from everybody and not wasting my energy to socialize around. Kids like these are pretty observant of the people around them though, especially when it’s the people from the same level of them, even if you do not pay special attention to any one in particular, as time goes, you will just get to remember them.

I’ve seen her a couple of times before in school, I didn’t pay much attention anyway, leading my own away-from-the-world life until our school moved to a new campus, and the disastrous merging of our school with another neighborhood school, erm, I don’t remember the name though. Then I was in primary 5 and got to know this perverted person who changed me a little (ayz). Okay, stop with the reminiscing.

And then I got into Secondary school, I saw a few times when I was walking from the MRT station back to my house after school. I recognized her as in the same school as me, so I merely take a few more looks, and continued my way back home. At this point of time, our lives are still 2 straight lines on a graph, I bet she didn’t even noticed me, cuz when I saw her, it’s more like I saw her from the side view, so she is not aware of a stalker person looking at her. Days gone by~ And then I finally ended up in Nanyang Poly.

First year, I still don’t know her yet. There was like 6? Or 8? I think 6 classes for our courses, even if there were combination of classes for lab lessons, is class 1 and 2, 3and 4, 5 and 6, I was in 4, dun remember her class, but we didn’t merge before. It’s even stranger to mingle around with people from other classes when in lecture, Imma introverted person ye know.

What started our 孽缘 good friendship was when we went to year 2. A person from our clique went up to her clique and started mingling around, though I didn’t quite like the idea of making new friends unnecessarily(I would really prefer staying clammed up in my own shell), luckily it was because of her that I’ve made myself a few more friends, and especially this unagi.

Okay, after such a long long long and totally no point introduction, I’m finally going to talk about the heavy dot. Hehe, I’m such a pro crapper (eh, I will let the God of bullshitting set to Oi Oi, I’m really not interested in vying for this LOL).

This unagi here, is quite a smart fish, I’m also a smart fish though (have to compliment myself while compliment others HAHA). She’s the kind that can play games with you, talk crap with you, and then when it comes to codes presentation days, you will see her work is O_O. But when you recalled on the days you “salted” with her, you will have totally no idea when she done her work, tsk tsk, such a cunning little fish over here, serves her right to be served on a dish!!! (kidding~).

She’s a quiet person, but when you really get to know her, you will that it completely false “true”. Even if you randomly crapped to her that the weather is good, she can also crap back with you whether the weather is really good or not, and whether it will rain later in the day (just an example). You know, I have a lot of friends that are pretty introverted when you first know them, but once you know them in reality, you would have wish that they were really quiet all the way they could be their natural self from the start. Cuz you see, I was innocent and friendly when you guys know me, and I’m still innocent and friendly after you really know me. Wakaka.

She’s the only Gemini friend I have, the other Gemini I know is my brother, and because when I look at my brother, I kinda start to think if she is another kind of character at her home. Geminis are commonly known to have split personalities (just don’t know how split they really are, are they as splitted as my hair ends?), look at this Gemini in my house, he’s such an ass at home, but when he’s out, his characters changed 100 degrees(not 180 degrees because he’s still a bit of an ass outside). Hm, at least it’s kinda true that Geminis are pretty intelligent things.

Oh, a very big good attribute of this unagi friend of mine is her helpfulness. You know, since I am conscious of the people around me ever since in Secondary school, I noticed that people don’t really like helping people around them, especially concerning academically-wise. People have the usual thought of “if I teach this person what I knew, what if in the end he / she get a better result than I did?”, at least there is a person who honestly told my friend this straight in her face. Actually, even if he didn’t say this out loud, I also know that people are like this, because truthfully speaking, I’m also like this, that’s why I said I’m evil right? Haha, sometimes it’s because I find it troublesome to teach too, and especially when what the other party wants is for you to settle their problem, and not understand what the logic is. However, if you ask this unagi, she will do all that she can to help you, and using her utmost effort (she’s super resourceful, I tell you. LOL). Truthfully speaking, it’s also an attribute that I felt worried for her because there are people who would make use of this kind of attribute especially when she’s now in University and there are full of cunning and selfish people (I tend to think that smart == selfish, because I have seen a lot of smart people being super selfish, of course there are a few otherwise).

She lives just a couple blocks down my house, I asked her to deliver Kois to me (I don’t mean the fish, I mean the bubble tea), but she refused. Oh wells. This is just a random statement.

Anyway, one thing she really touches me is that when I was stuck up in that ulu pandan place of my internship where I had completely no access to MSN and anything at all, she was the only one who actually kept me company by going to that forum (initially) and chatted over there. At least, what I felt is that not many people would have go this far to this kind of trouble for their friends, I’m not sure if I would do that same if I’m her. We did evolved from the forum to skype though, and she was online most of the time to crap to me. Once again, I had to thank the person from my clique that brought our 2 cliques together haha.

Okay, aren’t you touched that I actually blogged more than 1000 words to describe you. And I actually sincerely blogged about this, I really owed LOSErs a blog post too. Haha. Okay, Oi, Lynnette, I will blog a post about you soon, as for that Rosabella, it’ll depends HAHA.

Don’t be too touched unagi, I owed you a thanks for the period in that internship period and the rest of the time after that and the help you have given me for so long xDDDDD. I’m signing off now, going to make my 寿包 to eat. And yup, this post is almost 1500 words LOL!


7 thoughts on “Unagi of a Friend

    me jealous. *sulk*

    but nice that you have a friend from primary school that you’re still so close to. hahahaha
    my primary school friends dont know all die where already. >.<
    but it's okay! because i have YOUUUU, who will blog about me next right right right? *bambi eyes*

    1. okay okay fine fine fine LOL!

      er… no la, i didnt know her when i was in primary school haha~ onli got to know her since poly~ but i know of her existence since we are in primary school haha.
      yeahhhhhhhhhhh, i knew you will demand one from me LOL!! ill blog it tomorrow, or friday ba~ ill be going johor tomorrow hoho~~~

  2. coool. I also have a friend from primary school till now university also the same. but I only same class for 2 years and not close lol.

    People have the usual thought of “if I teach this person what I knew, what if in the end he / she get a better result than I did?”.

    LOL. This happened to me, I teach people what I know, then in the end, my results worse sia lol sian….

    1. hahaha, i too have a friend from pri sch, but i nvr same class with her though, but get along very well, i think i can go along well with aquarius people lol… maybe cuz they water element LOL!

      yup… its natural for having that kind of thought ba, selfish ma. yeah, im also guilty of behaving that way LOL!

      haha sad for you la LOL!! primary school i taught people a lot lol. that time still pretty much dun care, think went secondary school liao then more humanised lol.

      actually then again… i think teaching people what you know wun really make people better than you ba LOL!! just that the person maybe studying when we dunno it, actually teach people what you know also make you understnad your stuff better haha, i came to realise that in last year of my poly i think lol..

      1. haha i also used to be the type who will happily share de. in JC, particularly if it was lit, i was pretty much responsible for teaching everybody. apparently cos the two who were best at it werent the type to want to teach everybody, and i was the easy one to ask, so everybody asks me, so i end up teaching everybody. dot!
        my rationale to myself was, if you get better, then good lor, then it’ll be more challenging for me to keep my position and it’ll push me, so it’ll ultimately benefit me. since a levels i’ll be competing with not just you anyway.
        i’m so proud of myself for being so positive sia, back then. >.<

        budden in uni, for some subjects i'm not as pro in, if i have some lobang on my hands, i'd be very reluctant to pry it out of my hands de, hahahah, particularly if i know the other idiot is already better than me at this subject anyway!
        probably 'cos CS is so competitive, i became more selfish.
        budden most of the time, in the end i'll still share one de, although i have to psycho myself, they're my friends! how can liddat?? first.

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