Hantu for a Friend

What’s this, what’s this people. I wonder since when I have become a consumer service centre which answer queries, requests and demands of customers tch tch tch. I finally managed to break off the constant daily blogging by not blogging yesterday after the 3 eggs. Anyway, this is the same as the previous post, which is also only catered for 1 person, tsk, what the hell man, can somebody please give me some award for being so responsive to people’s requests, if only I was so hardworking at studying like I am at handling customer service man ahaha.

Back to the point. I don’t mean a literal hantu, not that I don’t believe in one, but I have never seen one (and am super thankful for that, my guts is as small as the size of my nose shit man), so this hantu I’m referring here is still a living person, as to why she referred herself as hantu… I think I never knew the origin of the name, it’s not the heavy dot anyway.

I knew this hantu here since we are in secondary school. We were from the same secondary school and the same class ever since Sec 1, and all the way same class till we are in Sec 4. Truth is, I think I really only started knowing here late in Sec 1? Or in Sec 2, I don’t really remember. She was one of the tallest girls in my first 2 years class (which is the same class, we only changed class in Sec 3). At that time, this hantu here has a very weird hairstyle, so with the combination of her “mushroom” hair and glasses, I didn’t really approach her (or did I?). Actually I don’t even remember how I approached anybody when I was in Secondary school haha, my memory can only record newer events and thingies, I don’t remember things that happened so long ago.

I didn’t had a good impression of her (didn’t had a bad one either), but it’s just first impression was I didn’t really wanna to approach her (yeah, I’m such a shallow person, stone me to death people! But use candies instead of stones, I’ll feel happier). I remembered I approached other taller girl, and I remembered the face she gave to the hantu, so I thought this other taller girl is a very proud and arrogant person. However, when I talked to her, she seems a very friendly and funny person, so I didn’t quite understand why she treated hantu that way, so I was kinda a bit wary? curious? of hantu haha.

The start of really hanging out together as a clique was when I think, my another friend brought her into the clique? Actually.. What I remembered was did I have a fight with the other person first? Or I didn’t hang out with her? Or whatever happened, in the end, we just started hanging out together (I think secondary school was really like a drama to me in my whole life, it’s actually the most tiring period in these 20 years I have lived). Anyway, this post is not about my that other friend, which I think I really owe her one too, but since she don’t really come to my blog, let’s just act innocent hahaha.

This hantu here is of the same horoscope sign as me. Yup, that’s right, we’re both Leos. Actually, horoscope signs are just something to just keep a reference to, or just something to occasionally look at it for fun, but one thing that’s very accurate is that I really cannot co-exist with another person of the same horoscope sign as me. Sorry to say this, but hantu is the first Leo friend I had which made me realize this side in me (that I cannot go along with Leos), and then of course as I grew to know another Leo in poly, this proves that this is really true. I recently knew another Leo, which I thought is the only one that goes against the theory, but in the end, it’s just making me super confirm now that I really cannot co-exist with Leo on a daily basis. Leo and Leo can meet occasionally for a period of times and random occasions, but if were to meet everyday, sooner or later, fights will break out, am speaking this from experience.

I’m not saying that hantu is not a good friend, by the way. It’s just most of the Leos behave the same way, if there’s ever another of me that came out, I will pick up a knife and go after her (just kidding).

I keep going out of point. Tsk. Your fault, oi oi. Hantu is a pretty good friend to have, at least her good points make up for the bad points she have (wahaha). She’s the kind that will tolerate whatever bullshits you throw at her, so it’s actually a pretty good thrashbag to have. She seldom lose her temper, so meaning you can bully her in any way you want, it’s really very hard to find such a friend like this.

Hantu is actually one of the most optimistic friend I have, being a super pessimistic person I am, I need to have a few positive friends around to pull me up from Hell. Imagine if me, a super pessimistic person, when met up with any problems and I met another pessimistic person, I think both of us will end up doing stupid things (maybe not, just giving a bad example hehe). Weirdly optimistic sometimes, which might be a good thing anyway, or is it because she’s around with a pessimistic person, that’s why she’s optimistic? Haha, same pole repels that’s why.

Hmm… Ah, hantu is the kind of friend that make you feel loved, why? Once you know her, you will know why, whenever you say bye to her on MSN, she will give you big huggies and kisses. And she’s the kind that really wun hold back on saying she love you etc. That’s the biggest difference between fire sign and water signs, it will be hard to feel like this from friends of water horoscope signs haha. So, when you suddenly wanna to go out and needa find somebody to go out / chill out with, she’s the best choice ( oh gosh, I feel like I’m selling some product over here).

Though I have fought with her, and got angry with her a lot of times before. Still, I think having her as a friend is quite a happy thing too, that’s about it, I don’t know what else to say now, unless I can think of part 2 to write about haha.


19 thoughts on “Hantu for a Friend

    1. haha is it. yeah i really cannot co exist with leos sia. i got 3 examples lol. but what i know is that aquarius and aquarius is okay d LOL!

    1. UWAAAA!!! This is scary!!!! LOL!! i thought you rarely come de sia LOL!! not i free, is people demanding things from me LOL! told you is customer service liao hahahaha!! luckily i didnt write bad things of you =PPP. so how, are you going to make any request too? I could gladly write one for you LOL!! yeah im quite free la, not working ma duh~~ LOL!

        1. okay lo… tsk, yet i so enthu about writing about you LOL!
          scary lor, its like i just killed a person and then the moment i looked back i saw a policeman standing behind me de gan jue tsk tsk.

    *super deluxe mega-ton triple X corkscrew huggie!!!*
    MUAX x infinity

    and my mushroom hair. >..<
    hahahah although i understand why you think i'm an optimist.

    anyway, thank you for the post. me very touched. 😀
    love you bery bery bery bery bery bery bery bery much!!

    p.s.: i have no idea why i called myself hantu also. it started in sec 2 with ragno. i just thought it was an interesting name. hahahah

  2. eh!! why the middle of the comment got axed out randomly?? weird!

    anyway, i was saying i pretty much cant get along with most people if i have to meet them on a daily basis, so its not a leo and leo thing for me. hahaha
    budden i think after i quarrel with a friend, we become closer i think, because we learn where the boundaries are, so i’m actually pretty grateful we quarrelled, because the important thing is we made up in the end.
    so it proves our friendship lasts, and that is also what makes me confident that we will be still be friends for a longgg time from now.

    and i also was saying, i’d totally forgotten about my mushroom hair!
    gawd that was ugly.

    and strangely enough, although you see me as an optimist, i see myself as myself as someone who’s pretty pessimistic, and short-tempered too, although i can see why you think i’m an optimist, haha.

    now, mysterious semi-comment-deleting hantueffect, please don’t happen again!

    1. i thought you will be quite angry with some of the things ive said haha. wells. surprisingly, it actually pleased you LOL! actually is true, after the fight, guess it made us more like friends haha. but it’s also a scar in my life though. nvm haha, dun ask me why, im lazy to explain.

      yeah, your mushroom hair then really kept a lot of people away, because + your specs, it really made you look like a total weird person.

      haha i know, youre pessimistic at some stuffs, but other than that, most of the time youre optimistic.

      ah, i think i forgot one point to add on lol. sometimes what people want is a friend who support he / her to the end, but you don’t really achieve that lol. hope you’ll change ba =).

  3. true la, i guess me got scar also. budden cos i was very happy in the peaceful periods in between, so that was good.

    and it was my mushroom hair ar? i thought it was just cos i was weird. and no, of course i won’t get angry. cos i honestly do believe i was quite a dysfunctional human being in my secondary school days! >..<
    i'm a terrible, terrible human being.
    now that i think about it, i think you're right. although for you, you see it as me not supporting a friend. for me, it's just my way of expressing anger for whatever reason. at least i THINK that's what we're talking about.
    i'm quite sure i know where this bad habit started from though. but thats a VERY long story.

    1. lol. no, i dun think that’s what im talking about because i dunno what youre talking about LOL!! nvm haha. forget it lol.
      you look weird because of your hair la tsk. but in some way… youre kinda weird too lol. but when i got to know more people, i realise a lot of people is pretty weird in a lot of ways, so i guess its normal.

  4. i think your comment box has a tendency to compress over-long comments.

    anyway, EDIT from above:

    yeah, i have a terrible habit of bailing out once a friendship hits a rough patch or i basically just get angry for whatever reason. when i get truly pissed, i typically just disappear from a friend’s life without rhyme or reason, at least until i cool down, which can be months or years later.
    i’m a terrible, terrible human being.
    now that i think about it, i think you’re right. although for you, you see it as me not supporting a friend. for me, it’s just my way of expressing anger for whatever reason. at least i THINK that’s what we’re talking about.
    i’m quite sure i know where this bad habit started from though. but thats a VERY long story.

    1. erm. i didnt know my comments got this function LOL!! of compressing people’s comments haha.
      anyway, now i think i know what youre talking about. but no, i dun mean that lol. because if i do get pissed i also tend to keep a long distance from people, which is why i said we’re similar aren’t we lol. its leos.
      but again, nope, im not talking about that. nvm lol.

      1. eh? got it wrong ar?
        >.< aiya, next time meet face to face then talk ba. hhahhahaha

        and yes, i know i'm weird. BUT DON'T YOU LOVE ME ANYWAY???

            1. LOL!!!!! hahahaha, still trying? LOL!
              because at times i still feel like killing you. i dun love people for the sake of loving oi oi~~ 😉 LOL!

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