A Salty Fish’s Sleepless Night

See, this is what happen to a jobless salty fish who woke up at 1.40pm. Actually this salty fish have woken up earlier (thought it doesn’t know what time), but knowing that it doesn’t have anything to do, and it still felt sleepy even though she didn’t sleep very late the previous night, it went back to sleep. Finally, it woke up and when it swimmed to the living room, it saw the clock pointing the time : 1.40pm. It got a shock out of its life, but of course continued living. It actually slept 12 hours, and it still felt tired, it could have went back to sleep for the rest of the day, but thought otherwise and began another salty day.

The first thing this salty fish did was to cook up some instant noodles, and watched crayon shin chan while eating it, and then went around slacking for some time watching Hunter x Hunter. Then before it knew it, it’s dinner time, and this salty fish went to change its scales and went down to the fishy world and bought something to eat, and most importantly it went to bought a Premium Milk Coffee 500ml bottle of Pokka brand and had it while having dinner, while watching anime by the way.

Like as if it’s scared that waking up at 1.40pm would not make it more awake than it should be later in the night, it actually finished that said Premium Milk Coffee that is of 500ml volume. And then this salty fish here not afraid that waking up at 1.40pm and drinking that 500ml of Premium Milk Coffee would not make it last through the whole night, it actually went off to boil hot water, and drank 2 cups of Jasmine Green Tea, which is said to contain more caffeine than coffee.

That is why this salty fish here is up at this hour, even though it already off the room’s light, it’s actually laying its head on the pillow, with its fish belly on the bed, and its long ghostly hair sprawled all over the pillow and bed, and it’s fishy fins on the laptop typing away on this post.

Serve me right for waking up late in the day and drank the said Premium Milk Coffee and 2 cups of Jasmine Green Tea, sobs.


12 thoughts on “A Salty Fish’s Sleepless Night

    1. i woke up at 1.40pm yesterday la lol.. thats why cannot go to sleep lol. how to wake up at 1.40am. if really like that my body clock is totally haywired sia

      1. lol. that’s sho “early” LOL!! 1.40pm I was in school waiting for my doom to come. HAHAHAH

  1. gahhhh I’m so happy SM goh won!! Though there’s TPL and george yeo’s out T_T haha

    super random but I just want to rant.

    1. ah? haha i dun really support SM goh lol, and yeah i dun like TPL and george yeo thought, so one out and one in is pretty sad still LOL!!!

      1. whyyyy I like George Yeo!! And the PAP candidate desmond choo for hougang also like quite nice!! He should have came under marine parade~~~

        1. read articles about him before, at first neutral, read like become dislike lol. why do you like george yeo then, i heard quite a few bad things about him though.

          and hougang wise… i like low thia khiang lol. er… your area is vote for marine parade ah.


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