A Living Nightmare

Dear Kami-sama, I remembered asking you to shine your torchlight at me for my future-wise, or at least job-wise. I didn’t remember requesting a torchlight to be shined at me for my blog’s new topic. I don’t know whether to be extremely happy or extremely sad that you catered to such a small little problem of mine, because though my life is really peaceful, and I couldn’t find anything interesting or exciting enough to blog about, I really don’t need such A BIG SURPRISE TO BE APPEARING ON MY BED.

Roughly 10 hours ago, I was lying on my bed sideways, listening to my iTunes on my laptop, while playing DS Lite, with the lights off, I was planning to play my Pokemon for a while before dozing off to sleep, when I got the fright of my life. Something crawled on the lower half of my arm, and that thing doesn’t feel small, my ultra anti-bug radar tell me something is wrong, I immediately sat up, looked at the “thingy” through the weak light my laptop gave off. I saw something that does not belong to my category of “Ordinary Bug List”, that, thing, belong to the “Extraordinary, must-be-exterminated, but-will-have-to-summon-up-a-lot-of-energy-and-courage-to-do-it-List”. Judging from the length of this list, you guys can guess what kind of a monster appeared on my bed.

By the way, I need to mention that I went to my brothers’ room to sleep for this 2 weeks, actually I don’t even remembered how long I’ve slept in my bro’s room. And if I slept in my bro’s room, I will use the foldable mattress and sleep on the floor, simply cause I liked sleeping on the floor more than on the bed anyway. So this is the reason why this monster could have appeared on my bed. Even now when I’m thinking, is it because I practically eat on my bed, and left all the crumbs around, and all those food wrappers in the dustbin that gave birth to this monster? If that’s the case, I’m really living like a pig for these past 2 weeks that my lifestyle actually gave birth to this disgusting little creature.

Right, you guys by now should have guessed what monster it is. A cockroach. A COCKROACH!!!! IT’S A COCKROACH!!!!!!!! (Okay okay, calm down calm down *takes in a few deep breath). I don’t wanna be so frantic, but A COCKROACH crawled on MY ARM!!! And luckily, it only crawled on my arm, I seriously don’t know how traumatized I would be if it actually crawled on MY FACE.

Anyway, back to the whole horror story. After I sat up and realized that that’s the monster it is, I immediately stood up and switched on the light and there I saw it, the disgusting black little monster crawling at the edge of my bed, and it actually tried crawling to my pillow, which I snatched and threw it on my bro’s bed, followed by the bolster, and after it crawled under the mattress, I picked up everything that is still on the mattress, including my laptop, blanket, DS Lite, phone, everything else on the table and my bro’s bed. I stood in anger, shock, disgust, fright, thinking what should I do with it, should I just leave it in the room and hopefully hope that it will go out of the room and into somewhere else. Then I thought, even if it did went out, it’s still IN the house, that’s when I decided have to summon up my energy and courage to KILL it. By killing, I don’t mean going out of the house to put on my slipper and back to the room to literally SQUASH on it, I wouldn’t want the juice spilling everywhere in the room, that’s more than just gross. ‘sides, I wouldn’t do that when I’m outside, so all the more I wouldn’t do that in the house.

I tried staying calm and strode to the kitchen as fast as possible to take the ultimate killer weapon, Baygon. When I went back to the room with my weapon, thank god that it’s still in the same spot, it’s actually still under the mattress (at the corner so you can still see a bit of the disgusting black body). I thought for a while if I want to sacrifice my mattress sheet just to kill this little shit, and then I decided that a little sacrifice is needed to exterminate this 祸害. I took off the Baygon’s cap and started spraying all those white smoke on that little shit, it actually went under my mattress. I flipped the mattress, causing it to scurry to the underside of my bro’s bed. Hoho, that’s when I can finally fold the mattress and throw the whole thing on to my bro’s bed, and THAT is when I can finally use all my might to KILL the thing. After that, it’s basically me spraying A LOT of Baygon on the little shit, whenever its disgusting little body come out, I will keep pressing the Baygon on it. If it is an extinguisher I’m holding, I could have wiped out a huge fire.

After spraying a lot of Baygon, I left it there to die, picked up my DS Lite, and went back to my aunt’s room to sleep. I kept thinking that there’s something crawling on my leg, my hand, and I have to keep telling myself to focus on my game. ARGH!!!!

My unagi friend had this experience that the little strong dropped or flew to her head and she woke up from her slumber. I laughed at her for this, and seriously, 君子报仇真的不用十年,it’s only less than 1 year and I’m facing my karma. Ayz.

Luckily the little strong that visited me yesterday don’t know how to fly yet. I would seriously go crazy and frantic and run out of the room, close the door, and let it to die inside. Oh god, I can’t even imagine what would happen if the cockroach started flying around, thinking about the scene makes me wanna take a flamethrower and start shooting everywhere in the room.


15 thoughts on “A Living Nightmare

      1. the xiao qiang is your kami sama!!!!! LOL! You should go preserve it so that you can pay respect to it everyday man!!

  1. lol. You so productive. Everyday blogging.
    And seriously, anything that is not human and can’t talk but move is scary to me!

    1. cuz my friend keep forcing me to blog, and im really quite pretty free anyway, just that im running out of topics.
      yeah, i think i remembered you saying that before LOL!! dogs and cats also meh LOL

      1. also!! You don’t know if they would suddenly run up to you and bite u anot!!
        I went to my friend’s house, and her dog likes to follow us around, and sometimes she runs to me~~~omg! I remember her biting my finger or something, not that it’s painful or what.but I seriously can’t handle that hyperactive dog!
        Then my friends just laugh. WHat the hell.

      2. kmye : of course its you, who else.

        tengteng : LOL!!! cute what LOL!! i dun mind dog following after me, but i wan it to be cute though, dun ask those big big dogs come after me though, i scared that they jump on to me, i dun think i can support their weight LOL!! i dio before, super heavy. er.. and no biting la, i damn scared they suddenly use their whole strength to bite, jiu hou say liao lol

  2. My deepest sympathies. i think if something like that happened to me, i’d just die of terror, hahahahah.
    i think i might just burn the sheets and chant prayers around the room the rest of the night lor. hahhahahaha
    cockroaches are the prehistoric demons of the earth.

    1. yeah, id nearly died of terror. its a really traumatizing experience man.
      i would have chant the prayers for the rest of the night if that really works la lol. oh god, i cant forget the feeling of the cockroach crawling on my arm and the horror i felt when i saw it through the laptop light sia.
      haiz. cockroaches and bugs are the most disgusting thing on earth.

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