So I can be pretty normal

I wanted to blog about this sooner, this happened about.. 3 weeks ago, but I actually forgot about this and I just randomly remembered suddenly.

I met up with one of my poly friends a few weeks ago, on a Friday, oh yeah, it was to pass to her her belated birthday present, and the souvenir I got for her from Thailand like soooooo long ago. Ah, I still have so many souvenirs that are stuck with me and taking up a lot of spaces, my house is practically FILLED with things. ‘nyways, the initial plan was to just meet her solely, and I can update her on my currently unemployed status. To my utter horror, surprise, and extreme shock, she told me she has a surprise for me, knowing her for the lousy shit she is, I know she’s definitely up to no good, and I’m really in awed with my accurate predicament.

“Someone’s joining us later.” A smile on her acting innocent face.
“Eh…. Don’t tell me is…” I stared in disbelief and disgust at that face of hers.
“Yuppppppp, my boyfriend is coming later!” A cheerful glee that swipe me off from the face of the Earth into 4th level of Hell.
“…. ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!” Panicking.
“Yeah baby!!!” A cheerful and bright smile that nearly blinded me, one who has lived in the shadows cast by the building next to our house that is so friggin’ tall for many many years. This brought me into a deeper level of Hell.
“I wanna to give you a sweet surprise baby~~” Using her cute tone but her “sweet surprise” got fixed in my brain, then it echoed over and over, and the 2 words appearer closer and closer to me.
“Sweet surprise my ass!! It’s sweet to you, not sweet to me!!!” Ayz, resignation to fate.
“Hahahahaha! Ai ya, okay one la, we’ll just talk about our things and he’ll sit there.”
“That is like damn weird.”

Then, the situation came when her boyfriend joined us whilst in the middle of our talk. After seeing a few pictures of him, and remembering how she described to me how strong, tall, and how wide his shoulders are. I would say… Yup, it’s really not bad. I remembered a few months ago, she was using both her hands to gesture how WIDE that guy’s shoulders are (it was a crush and eye candy then), and Unagi was saying it looked like 42″ television screen. The reality is, our queen of exaggeration seat really belongs to Weni.  You guys know what a highly doubtful person I’m like, I’m especially the kind of person when you tell me how good how good a person is, the more I would think that guy wouldn’t fit my expectations, I’m just a very sinister person. So you see, when I say he’s not bad, he’s really not bad at all.

You see, like I’ve said, I’m actually a pretty sinister person, and a very evil person. I always expect the worst from people, if you tell me good things about a person, I would expect bad things from that person, and if you tell me bad stuffs about a person, I would expect even worse things from that person. I knew this part about me before, but I didn’t really explain or mention this, simply cuz I’m quite lazy to. On top of that, I’m really the kind of person who wishes for people to get worse, and because I know this part of myself, the only way I stopped myself from wishing that is to not think about that person at all, and by this, I meant not even knowing of what happened to her, no meeting, no contacting, at all.

This time, however, I think something in me changed. I saw how my friend and her boyfriend interacted with each other. It seems like for the first time, I’m actually really happy for my friend, it’s really a new experience for me, and I actually felt happy for this experience too. I am actually genuinely happy that my friend found a guy like her boyfriend and I really think they are very very compatible for each other.

And to emphasis on how rare I actually feel so genuinely happy for relationships, normally whenever my friends told me about their friends’ relationships, I don’t really thought good of their relationships. Even if after 10k years, they are still together regardless of how incompatible they are, and even though no matter how bad I thought of their relationship, and that their long duration proved how wrong I am, I still don’t think good of their relationships. But then again, maybe it is because those people are not directly linked to me. But you see, when I knew that she was attached, it was really like my friend got snatched away by someone else (I think I would have to explain this feeling on another post, a long story, and perhaps the root of a lot of things), so which is why I had some negative feelings against that guy.

But now I’m trully happy for my friend, Weni.

PS : This feels good~~ Somehow it actually felt like I’ve seen a chick, grow into a chicken and began laying eggs, like witnessing the mature of something xDDD


7 thoughts on “So I can be pretty normal


    Haha, how come I don’t remember saying the 42″ tv part.. >_> ok, actually got a bit of ying xiang but I don’t know how i came up with that statement.

    1. what. i got buy what. just that didnt meet you to giv you nia LOL!!

      yup, you did said the 42″ tv part, i think randomly thought of it ba lol. since the way she gestured really is damn big the space lol.

  2. hahahah i understand the frustration of seeing a friend with someone you think isn’t worthy of her, as well as the happiness that comes with seeing a friend with someone who IS worthy.
    for me, my sis is marrying someone whom i think of as a good guy. a guy with lotsa faults for sure, from what my sister tells me, but definitely a person whom i know will faithfully love my sister with his life, which is actually probably the most valuable and rare trait of all.
    it’s nice when people you know are happy in a relationship. hahaha

    1. yeah yeah correct, but its just that i didnt know i can feel happy for this haha, so i’m pretty happy to know that i can feel happy over this LOL!!

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