Sorry for the late blogging, was caught up in a fever / diarrhea / weird illness on last Wednesday night, and then suffered through whole of Thursday moaning and writhing in pain on my bed. Anyway, maybe I’ll write another blog post about this sickness another day since I promised to write about my friend first in my comment, and I’m already late for a couple of days.

So the question is, “why the post title?” Yea, why? Eh…. The first 2 blog posts that I’m being forced requested to write uses something else to describe em, just like how actually 90% of my friends don’t call me by the name. However, this friend of mine is one that belongs to the more “normal” group. In case you guys are going to ask me if I think you all are normal or not, except for this person that I’m writing now… Nope, you all are more on the weird and abnormal side. Hm~ I wanted to type Nette as the title, and then I realize I could have just took out that word and become Net, hahaha. See, I’m so creative when it comes to things that really don’t make any sense at all.

Lemme start this with the usual style of when I got to know her. It was when we were in Secondary school. I remembered this girl who is with this pale white skin. You see, due to our country’s weather, out of the 365 days in a year, there is 365 days that you won’t not see a scorching sun. Even on rainy days, there will definitely also be this sun before or after the rain, so she gave me a pretty deep impression ( I can’t really say deeeeeep ‘cuz I think I was caught by those exceptionally taller ones in the class ). I think I didn’t even had a hard time remembering her name, it pretty much goes well with her look, and since it was a Christian name, it’s much easier. You know how Oi Shan has the Oi-Shan-Face, and Si Hui has the Si-Hui-Face, yup yup, it pretty much worked well on her. However Oi-Shan-Faces and Si-Hui-Faces need a longer time to register. I don’t really remember who did I went recess with at the start of year 1 or how did I even made friends that time. I do remember though, that most of the time she will stand next to the drinking machine, drinking barley. I’m really the kind of person who approach single entities and fly to Mars if I see a group of people, wow, I actually sounds like a pervert here. That’s when I think I started talking to her, don’t remember what we have talked about though (duh).

Anyway, I think that’s how I got to know her, not sure if there were anything before that, guess not. Then, my horrible, terrible nightmare came after that, Chinese Orchestra. By trying to run away from a nightmare, I jumped into this nightmare and got tormented for 4 or less years, which is why I got closer to her who also got stuck in this thingy together, not sure if it was a nightmare for her though.

Sorry for mentioning this again, but I think this is what most of us remembered the most, I think by this time you guys know what I’m talking about. Yup, it’s called <The Incident>, I almost feel like the Pirates of the Carribean theme song is playing behind. Er, anyway. In my first 2 years of prestigious high, our class only had 6 or 7 or 8 boys, and the rest are all girls, which is a pretty good thing. That is why I preferred  the first 2 years of my secondary school life. Er, back to point. Were having a group discussion in god-knows-what-session-is-this session, and this random male monkey came to get paper from our group to fold paper aeroplane, which causes hantu to got distracted ( or I don’t know what ) or what and the most shocking thing happened which is she flew up a temper.

Ah, I forgot to mention her personality. She was an extremely quiet girl, doesn’t have much to say, pretty much easy going (because doesn’t say much), pretty smart, introverted (suspected), hygienic, innocent, pure, very fanatic(idol)  kind of person. The kind that if you went out in a bunch of people, it’s likely that she might be forgotten. “Was” meaning past tense. Yup, she WAS an extremely quiet girl before. Think she started going haywire somewhere in a stage I’m not in her life I suppose, so this has got nothing to do with me, huahuahua. She was crazy about Jay Zhou then, but I think she almost forgotten about him cuz she’s now too overly obsessed with the korean bands. The innocent and pure part remains, people people, look at this, who says that whoever sticks with me get their brain polluted. Tsk tsk tsk, see, I have a living example of a cute, innocent rabbit friend still hoping around me.

Back to the <The Incident>, if you really know a few of this kind of people (quiet, introverted kind), you will know that once they lost their temper, it’s pretty scary. Yup, it stunned the whole class because her shout made the whole class silent. Note, at that point of time, the class was initially very noisy, everybody was in discussions. Imagine tuning a hard metal music from volume about 70, to 0. It’s  that kind of atmosphere. I was shocked too, that was the first time I think I saw her being angry? And it’s definitely the first time I really seen this kind of scene that seems like it came straight out from a drama or movie. I was like *salute* at that point of time.

I can’t use horoscope to compare, I think I only have this Libra friend, or perhaps I forgot who else is there haha, so no comparisons chart.

Okay, since all of the above is past tense. Let me think a little about present tense. After graduation from secondary school, though our meetups were occasional, but is also considered few. You see, personality analysis can only occur to those that meet up frequently, especially on a daily basis, so when you see the other’s face and you just get flared up for no apparent reason, that is the time you grasp the person’s personality (saying it as a LOL, sometimes true for me though). So I’ll briefly write about it.

The biggest difference of her is that I think she’s not that quiet, not introverted, not as hygienic ( I don’t mean dirty ) anymore. She speaks up more and we had a fun time ganging up to bully our beloved hantu, we fooled around talking craps ( which I think she will insist what she say are not craps even though it really is ), and one thing is she actually took up dancing! Perhaps she forgotten about the time in secondary school where we were bring pulled to go for some (*I#_(*$_!@$ *)@)$@(*$@(*#_@!)#( dance course, and I nearly got sabotaged by that stupid hantu to PK her in front of whole class and luckily I did know how to look confident so in the end she chose Net instead. Then, she still wanna to go dancing class, haha. Then the most important part about the hygiene thing. You know how some of the people don’t really like sharing food, drinks and stuffs. I’ve asked water from her before, just like I did from a few of other friends, which is a pretty common thing, but she don’t like sharing saliva with people, which is yeah, I understand, especially since Imma person who can accept a lot of differences in people~ But actually, I think this was changed many years ago, though I don’t remember when haha. This actually made a big difference, it’s like finally being accepted as a friend kind of feeling, which is why I remembered this.

Those that didn’t change is definitely her fanatic (idol wise), which jumps from the overly love for Jay that spreads to a lot of other boy bands. I’m not really sure if the innocence and pure-ness is still around though, since hantu might have polluted her behind my back (*whistle*).

That’s so much, if I can think of anything else, I ‘ll open a topic again, my brain not really functioning well already. Night people.


6 thoughts on ““Net”

  1. I’m surprised that I’m earlier than oioi to comment. Maybe she’s busy packing lol.
    And did I stand next to the machine drinking barley ? LOL I don’t remember at all. But I do remember buying lots of coffee and packets of lemon barley.

    And I still love JAY!!!! My fangirl heart is still beating for him~~~ Lmao.
    U dragged out my ‘chou shi’~~~~omg la.lol

    1. im surprised that youre the first one to comment LOL!! and oi shan is like suddenly disappear from earth. i wonder are we still meeting tomorrow tsk. yup, you did stand to the drinking machine, i think cuz the dustbin is just over there anyway LOL!!

      and i dun see your love for jay LOL!! hes gone from your heart~~ LOL!!
      the chou shi, suan le ba, all of us still remembers it anyway LOL

  2. yeah i did a lot of last minute packing and somehow have been doing a lot of other things so havent visited this blog until now. wowww!
    my clothes and stuff are still all over the floor. how ar? i totally havent unpacked at all.

    and pai seh, i never corrupted anybody okay?
    although i admit i’m the type who happily trots off to watch 3D porn movies (only to regret it later), i’m not the type who broadcasts my weirdness to the world okayyy?

    and yeah, also very surprised that lynnette would start dancing. hahahah i would’ve thought you would’ve remained just as traumatised as i am.
    and i feel like, why lynnette so cool one suddenly??
    feel so uncool sia.
    lynnette, how can liddat?? hahahahah

    1. go and unpack it la duh, got any other choice for you meh LOL!

      LOL!! yeah you see, that means that you’re also quite perverted. the BIGGEST difference between me and you is that i tell people that im perverted but you hide it inside you. in other words, and summarized. 闷骚!!!

      what thing about lynnette so cool one suddenly??

        1. Go look up the word in he dictionary yourself lol vey hard to explain he meaning hahaha

          Yeah she didn’t remember how hard we suffered in that weirdo dancing lessons we were forced to attend LOL

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