Pirates of the Caribbean : On Stranger Tides – Movie

I was waiting for this review to come out on Oi’s site, but she only blogged about the bloody singTel which I was expecting her to yell at, but she just reaffirmed that she wouldn’t be doing that. Jeez. And to think I was waiting for some interesting article on how she’s gonna yell at ’em. Anyway, went to watch this movie with Oi yesterday after we went to NYP. This was meant to be watched next Tuesday with Net, but Oi could not wait any longer to see her Johnny Depp on the screen.

I like the above poster a lot. It looks like it’s totally unrelated to the movie, but it does has something to do with it. And most importantly, it’s not a poster of the usual leads on it, and I would not want something on my blog for Oi to swoon after, I know I’m evil wahahaha.

I smuggled a Shi Lin Street Chicken Fillet into the theater to watch, thus you can imagine how nice the theater smells after when I opened the bag, Oi wanted to pretend that she didn’t know me but of course that is quite impossible considering how good I am at sticking myself to someone when I really want to hoho.

‘Kay, back to the main point. This movie is pretty good, I think I would like the first one and this one of the POTC series. I didn’t really like the second and third one, which is namely the Dead Man’s Chest, At World’s End, because when you ask me what are those about, I can only say that I don’t remember anything at all. Yet, when you ask me about The Curse of the Black Pearl, I can still remember the story.

After watching this few of the POTC series. I realized one thing. I told Oi that if I were born in that space of time, era, or in THAT world, and I have to choose between Navy or Pirates, I would definitely choose being a Navy. Reason being, Navy always looks clean, and wherever they are, even in caves I think, the whole scene would look bright. So it’s pretty nice looking at ’em, wearing clean clothes, with smart bluish, darkish English uniforms, holding their guns or swords, and you can imagine the sun shining on ’em, with seagulls above their heads, standing on the Navy ships, and with the wind and nice, sunny weather with them.

On the other hand though, Pirates are most of the time dirty (in fact, always, cuz I never seen them not dirty). Wherever they go, there’s this darkness that looms over them. No matter whether in caves, under the sun, by the seaside, wherever and whenever, the scene just gets darkened a lot, and you will see them holding those fire torches all the time. While the navy ship just sails smoothly on a nice, sunny weather. The pirates would always be on rough sailing sea, with the thunder battering, storms, strong waves, hell I wouldn’t be surprised even if there is suddenly a tornado that appears right next to their ship. Oh, and the dirt on them, if you could just get a white cloth, and wipe across their chest, or face, I think the whole cloth would turn gray, and I think it would have remained white if it was being wiped on a navy soldier though.

This movie was pretty funny, I especially love the conversation between Jacksparrow and his father. Watch it and see it yourself ~_~. The mermaids were pretty, and… scary at the same time, I kept keeping my eyes closed fearing what would happen next after they came out in the movie, appearing harmless.

Oh, the ending was pretty unexpected. Everybody thought that everybody in the movie was to look for that Fountain of Youth just so that they could have extended their own lives, but in the end somebody came out and did thing that were so unexpected. Er, some parts of the movie didn’t quite make sense though, like how the 2 cups used for holding the water from the Fountain of Youth dropped into this looks-like-shallow-water-but-is-actually-damn-deep water, and you thought that those cups are gonna just dropped 10km down from the ground of Earth and the mermaid actually got them back up, she didn’t have any reason for doing that, but she just did it, which is very weird.

Pretty nice show, if you have watched the POTC 2 and 3 and think it sucked pretty well, this one is not bad, so it’s worth watching.

And I got a scared by miss Oi when a person which looks dead suddenly gasped and got to life in the first 20 seconds of the show. I was busy trying to use the sticks to take up those chicken pieces to eat when she practically jumped, and I felt my seat shook, I was watching the movie in the corner of my eyes, but her actions made me thought that some murderer came into the theater. I think 30% of my soul flew out. Anyway, though not possible, but if I really were to go crazy one day and feel like watching horror movie, I don’t think I would go along with Oi, I can scared myself pretty well, and with her “help” i might just succeed in getting my soul of my body even though my time isn’t up yet.

“Have you been to the Fountain of Youth already, dad?”
“Does this face of mine looks like it’s been to the Fountain of Youth?”
“… It… depends…. on the lightings… ” *squint* 


One thought on “Pirates of the Caribbean : On Stranger Tides – Movie

  1. dot! the soundtrack surprised me la! hahahahah

    and yeah, dont have xin qing to blog about pirates.
    i’m just so pissed off with pirates. and i think you might have misunderstood, i meant by my blogpost that i’m actually really am overcoming my usual politeness to become one of those stereotypical raving screaming customers. dot!

    but on another note, i think back in the pirates’ era, quite a few of them died from scurvy and hygiene-related problems i think. hahahahha

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