First Washing Toilet Bowl Experience

I’m writing this post today to commemorate my first washing of toilet bowl (background : hooray!!!), and to complain of the obstacles I’ve faced of mopping my house floors.

Disclaimer : Please do not take me for the kind of person who normally do housework / enjoy doing housework (hopefully I won’t get lightning strike-d when I’m out on the streets after I’ve said this).

As you and x and y and everybody and I knows, I’m still currently unemployed, this was disclosed to my parents at the start of this month. I had been slacking and hid this truth from my parents for the month of April, and I finally decided that I should tell them the truth just so that I can live my life easier, and 1 month of not having any responsibility is quite enough. That was when my mum decided that since I am so damn free at home, I might as well help out by doing some of the housework, that is, to mop the house floor every week. Though I’m quite reluctant, I know that it’s not possible to refuse and indeed I am damn free anyway, at least on the good side is that I’m not made to do the laundry. Laundry is the most hated task on my housework list.

Since I had mopped the floor way way back 2 years ago when I was in Body Shop, so mopping the floor is an easy task for me. After mopping for 3 consecutive weeks, my mum decided that since I’m gonna to mop the floor anyway, I might as well go ahead to wash the toilet bowl in my parents’ room. Well.. At least she didn’t ask me to clean the one in the main toilet, cuz the toilet bowl in the master bedroom is much cleaner. She demo-ed the steps on cleaning the toilet bowl and the toilet floor, and I did it the same way today.

Er… As for the steps of cleaning toilet bowl… I don’t think the details are needed right, I don’t suppose you guys are interested in the steps anyway. After I’ve finished cleaning the toilet bowl, mopped the entire house the first time with soapy water, I went back to the main toilet to get a bucket of clean water. At this point of time, I was practically raining sweats. It really did looked like I’d finished running 2.4km with all the sweats trickling down my forehead and one big drop of sweat landed on my glasses. A lot of drops trickled down my chin. If I really did ran 2.4 km, I think it would have looked like I’ve finished a marathon.

You know how our house taps normally have 2 openings, whereby one is connected to the water heater / shower head, and the other is used for whatever purpose there is, like connected to a hose or just leave as it is to wash your leg. I was using the hose to clean the mop and refill the bucket when the hose bua-ed (brushed) across the tap handle for the shower head. I was fast enough to turned off the handle, though some drops of it landed on me. Just when I was thinking how pro I am and continued washing the mop, the hose bua-ed across the handle again. This time, I didn’t hear it and before I realized anything, the right side of me got wet.

Like as if that wasn’t frustrating enough with all the water and sweats all over my head and face, after I’m only left with my parents’ room and the kitchen to mop, my house phone started ringing. It’s this singTel person who called that said that my dad called ’em the day before to ask about our mioTV problem. Note: I was still raining sweats at that time, and double Note : the person’s Indian accent is uber strong (Not trying to be a racist here but I really didn’t understand most of what he said). After he asked me a while on mioTV and I had difficulty dealing with my sweats and his accent at the same time, I decided that whoever called for him should answer to him, and thus I tai ji-ed the whole issue to my dad and told him,

“Why don’t I give you my dad’s number and then you could ask him?”

Which he did. Just as I happily hanged up the phone and went back to the living room to put it down and prepared to continue mopping the floor, my hand phone started ringing. I love how coincidental everything was, I wouldn’t be surprised if suddenly a far distant relative of mine suddenly knocked on my door claiming to visit me to see if I’m still alive. I picked up my phone and turned out it was my dad, he told me of the singTel person who called and insisted that I speak with him to troubleshoot the issue we had with our damn mioTV box thingy, regardless of how I said I don’t understand what he was saying, but I know it’s something that can’t be avoided.

Once I hanged up my phone, my house phone rang again, I really felt like taking up the whole phone thingy and smashed it across the room. And so the whole fixing-the-mioTV-thingy project started which went on for like 20 minutes. He started asking me whether what / whether ( I can’t really understand his words) is DSL, and I thought this term here sounds uber familiar. I mistook it for some IP like thingy that can checked on the com, which I happily sat back in front of my com to check and then I ask him how to check. Then he told me to go to the broadband, was 40% frustrated this time, I have to pull out the whole modem and take a look before he asked me whether it’s broadband or DSL. If he had asked me to choose between broadband and DSL earlier, I would have said broadband, ayz, not his fault, I’m seriously a computer idiot when it comes to those computer related stuffs though I’m in the IT line (weird).

Then, he asked me what was the brand of our adapters. I was like, “Brand of adapters?!?!” I didn’t even know adapters had brands. After turning area around the wires of the modem into a mess, I’m like, “There’s no brands for the adapters.” Inside, I was just (*&$@(*^$)@*$)@$, I’m so damn busy mopping the floor and there is this guy who’s asking me for BRANDS OF ADAPTERS! I got friggin’ pissed off and I think I sounded pissed and I repeated the second time that there weren’t any brands for the adapters. He repeated my answer, and there was silence and I felt pretty bad so I went to check the adapter for the mioTV and realized there really is brand for it. Then it was finally then he said,

“Okay mdm, to fix your issue it will be quite complicated. You will have to *())(^)&)!@(*#)! the wire to *)&@()*)@$, is it okay for you to do it yourself …”

I don’t even understand what you are saying, needless to say to ask me to connect whatever thing to whatever thing, I would take like 1 whole day to do it. I started blaming myself for being home and thinking why is it me that have to do all these things and then…

“or would you want me to call up a technician to help you?”

I swear I heard angels blowing trumpets above me and holy light was shining upon me and,

“I would NEED a technician.”

That’s how finally everything ended. By this time, all the water on the floor had completely dried up, but nonetheless, I can finally finish mopping the other 2 areas.


3 thoughts on “First Washing Toilet Bowl Experience

  1. in the first place, it’s pretty farnie that your mioTV problem has something to do with the adaptors in the first place! hahahaha
    it’s ridiculous how some technologies, equipment and software can be thwarted by very simple things. like IRAS’s tax-paying form couldnt be used with firefox, my NTU full-text can’t be used with Mac, and a hell load of basic hardware just can’t be used with each other, for god knows what reason.

    but in general, have my sympathies for your terrible experience, hahahahah.

    1. yup the adapter part really really pissed me off LOL. I seriously wanna to shout at the person, luckily i didnt LOL! it would really make me look like a evil person if I did that hahha.

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