Kung Fu Panda 2 – Movie

I’ve went to watch this movie with Eileen today in AMK cathay. The amount of people queuing to watch movies today in AMK Cathay is a lot. The queue went all the way into the arcade that was just behind the movie tickets counter. Well,  since I don’t really know what to do if we were not gonna watch movie, and I did wanna to watch Kung Fu Panda 2. In the end, we just went ahead to queue for the tickets, I think that took like 20 minutes?

I didn’t have much expectations for this movie, I don’t normally have high expectations for sequels of shows. Cuz most of the sequels turn out to be quite disappointing, like how Shrek was, POTC wasn’t that great either for the second and third one.

Anyway, this turned out to be not bad. I did have this feeling that they are trying to lengthen the movie though. It did went straight into the point, because 10 minutes into the movie and it felt like we are watching the last 15 minutes of the show whereby the protagonist have to go finish off the final boss of the show. That was when I thought to myself, “how are they going to lengthen this thing by at least a 60 minutes?”. Hm, then in the end, it seems pretty… okay.

There were a lot of funny parts in the show. Like how Po finally realized that he’s not his dad’s son, because he is a, panda, and his father is a, goose. Eh, well, there’s a lot of other random weird, lame, funny parts, which you can watch it for yourself.

Eh, and actually, for the very few times in my life, I actually like the evil character in the show, which is the Mr. Peacock. Lemme find a picture of him…

I’ve been reading a lot of Chinese romance novels recently, and ventured out to those romance stories that happens in those Dynasty Era. Somehow looking at this guy here reminds me of the male characters in those chinese novels I’ve read. Okay, in the end it came down to looks again, I’m such a shallow person~ Oh, while I was watching this movie and puzzling over how come I got so attracted to this character, I realized it might be because of the costume he’s wearing. I like him when he’s not talking, but once he opened his mouth, no, beak, then I don’t really like him that much. Yup, so in the end, it’s all about the looks again, which again proves how shallow I am.

Er, my next favorite character, or equally favorite character is the Tigress— Here’s a little service to Oi cuz she like Angelina Jolie, apparently.

I think Tigress is actually the strongest character in the movie. Po is… occasionally strong. Eh. Never, I just like Tigress. She’s cool~

Oh, one thing that’s changed the most in the first movie and this second movie was that the closeness between Po and the other 5 warriors got better. They supported Po in a lot of ways, as those who have watched the first movie would know, Po is pretty “destructive” in the sense that his movements would be much slower than the others, and less effective than the others.

There is definitely a Kung Fu Panda 3. I guess… I wouldn’t be surprised if there is Kung Fu Panda 4 and 5…

Added : Eh, there are some continuations of movies that are good, I love the Ice Age series. The Madagascar is good too~ I think it might depends then, haha.


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