Silent Hills : Shattered Memories (PSP) – game

Okay, as the reality proves, I’m really a useless shit LOL! I just got this and tried it on my PSP and right at the start whereby this little girl went missing, and me playing as the girl’s father had to find her in this abandoned factory-like area. The whole place was dark and he was holding a torch in the hands and I was forced to walk around in this scary place to look for her. I tried walking around for a while, and I got freakier and freakier and even though nothing happened at all, I just freaked out and yes, I admit, I’m useless LOL!

Ah~ Haiz, but I’m so curious how the whole thing is gonna turn out to be. If only there is somebody to play it and I watch it at a side.


5 thoughts on “Silent Hills : Shattered Memories (PSP) – game

  1. cant help you, ‘cos even though i’m fine with horror movies, i’m actually quite terrified of games that are scary. i cant even stand having something chase me in a game, even if it’s not too scary, because i just get incredibly stressed out by the feeling of being chased.
    so yeah, hm, good luck finding someone ba!

    1. oh yeah, and theres this incredible function in the game, you press this top right button right, the character will immediately look back behind him, which just tells you a lot about how the game is going to continue. LOL

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