X Men : First Class – Movie

I don’t even remember when I’ve watched this movie, I’m guessing it’s 6 days ago, which is last Monday. I didn’t have much mood to blog recently, cuz I’m busy watching Running Man!!! Or maybe it’s just I’m lazy to blog wahahaha.

Have no idea why I went to watch this movie. Just mentioned that I don’t like watching shows that have the word “Man” in it, examples of such movies are “spiderman”, “superman” and then I ended up watching this, the word is “Men” though, hehe. I didn’t have much choices then, I’ve already watched Kung Fu Panda 2, Pirates of The Caribbean 4. As for the other available <Now Showing> movies like Hang Over 2, I heard it’s nice, only problem is I didn’t watch the first one. Now, there’s a similar problem, I didn’t watch any of the X-Men series before, so why am I watching this? This brilliant friend of mine decided that because this X-Men is before everything happens, so if we watch this, it wouldn’t be weird. That sounds quite right too, so we decided to watch this. I’ve seen the trailer of this movie twice while watching POTC and Kung Fu Panda 2, I’m really quite interested too.

Reality has proven that, I think my friend and I are the only ones in the whole theater that is clueless throughout the whole movie. I remembered there was this Magnito (did I spelled it correctly?) in the series, the heavy dot though, is that I’m not sure this guy is good or bad hahahaha (which is a very important thing to note). I deduced from the name itself that this guys deals with metal (which is correct) and it was also later revealed in the movie. Then, since I only know of this person in the movie, so I thought this guy should be the good guy. I kept thinking if this is the good guy, then who is the bad guy? Professor X came along, and then I deduced that this guy should be the bad guy. There’s a lot of movies, when involved with those supernatural powers, it’s natural that the Professors are the bad guys. So in the end, I happily ended up having this weird conclusion, and it’s only until the end end end of the movie that I realized that it’s completely wrong.

The moral of the story is that, watching the very very first ep of a series of movies that has already been published doesn’t mean that you would understand everything that’s gonna happen later on.

Anyway, back to the movie. It’s really not bad, at least it got a person who is very uninterested in “Man” movies to be interested in “Men” movies for once, and I’m thinking of watching the rest of the “X-Men” series. Only thing that is stopping me is I’m too lazy to get those to watch. Wait till I’m really too too too bored then I will do something about it.

One funny thing about this movie is that, after watching the whole movie and moving out of the theater, I realized that the only name I remembered is actually the bad egg’s name. I can’t recall any of the name of the people that has appeared in the movie poster as above. As far as I could have remembered, I keep hearing a lot of people calling “Sebastian Shaw”. The good guys (as above) called “Sebastian Shaw”, parties that belonged to nowhere called “Sebastian Shaw”, random people that appeared called “Sebastian Shaw” and a file folder is being labelled as “Sebastian Shaw”. So in the end when I walked out of the theater, all I could remembered was “Sebastian Shaw”. What the U)*#)!(*$@.

This movie, is quite worth watching, please get your ass down to the theater to watch it now before it disappeared from the face of the movie theater~


8 thoughts on “X Men : First Class – Movie

  1. LOL! am I seeing things?!?! LOL! only a picture nia and u telling me u need to think to post this!! @whack

  2. Damn farnie!!
    hahahhaha and please lar, if you watch the first few movies, it IS in fact established that Professor X and Magneto were at some point friends, but somewhere along the line they split because of differences in their methods and ideals.
    hahahhaha but damn farnieeee you sound like you were really blur watching the movie.
    budden yet at the end of the post, you ask people go watch. like wha??
    so not convincing!

    1. i read my post a second time, and i still don’t understand which part is furnie, it’s just a boring post to me lol..
      and like i told you i totally duno ANYTHING about this series at all, and when I said anything, i meant it literally. im completely clueless as to who is who la!
      not onli me am blur, my friend and i kept discussing like who is the bad guys and it’s until the end i realised that we re horribly wrong la lol.
      but but but, the show is really nice ma LOL! its just that its onli until the end that i know magnito is the bad one, and thats cuz i didnt watch the first few movies of the xmen that was out ma!~~~

  3. i think the filmmakers took it as a given that everybody knows magneto is the bad guy, sort of like how everyone knows batman is the hero and the joker is the bad guy.
    rather, i find it quite amazing that you dont know. hahahaha

    1. thats cuz batman the show, the movie name is called batman, and like for superman, the good guy is superman! it didnt occur to me that X-men, the x refer to professor X, if the movie name was Professor X then maybe i would have known who is the good guy xDDDD

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