Mr. Popper’s Penguins – Movie

I watched this movie because of the penguins actually. Throughout the whole of the trailer I’ve seen in the theater, the only thing(s) I’ve caught attention of in this movie were the penguins, and thus of I went to watch this with my friend. What really shocked me was she actually agreed on watching it either, doesn’t seem like it’s the kind of movies she would have asked me to go watch with her. Or maybe cuz the penguins were really cute.

It’s not bad as a movie which you wanna go with your family and spend the weekend nights with. It was funny, nice, quite touching in some way ( or not, because my eyes were dry all the way ), homely.

I’m very curious as to whether the penguins were real or not. I went to this movie thinking that the penguins can’t be real, but throughout the movies I’m like, “Are they real? Are they real? Are they real?”. God, it didn’t seem so but I sound like this 5 year old kindergarten kid now that I put them down in words. The second most common thing I kept saying throughout the movie was “Omg!! Super cute!!” and “So cute!!”. I must have sounded really like a pain in the ass repeating myself over and over hehe. Let me say thing one more time,


The penguins were really too much, acting like humans, as in, it understood human languages and was pretty human in some ways. So I concluded that the penguins should be animations. Very real animations.

I never quite understood the charm of Jim Carrey, only knowing that he was funny when he acted as the mask in The Mask (Hey! It rhymes hoho). So I can’t really talk about his charms here haha.

Anyway, if you are having stress, or if you really like furry soft thingies, you can consider watching this show.


And I’m off to watch my hubby’s show tomorrow xDDDD




5 thoughts on “Mr. Popper’s Penguins – Movie

  1. FIRST!
    i’m actually like somewhat tempted to watch this movie for the penguins. budden regardless, i dont think its worth paying money to go to the cinema for.
    but penguins are super cute, its true. *tempted*

    1. yeah the penguins are cute!!!!! okay la.. if you got like passion card. 7 bucks to look at the penguins LOL! they’re just so…. cute.. and fluffy… and fat LOL! its super cute!!!!

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