Treasure Inn – Movie

I’ve been splurging my money like hell recently, if I can’t find a job soon, I’m really going to live a complete Hikkikomori’s life until I can finally find a job haha.

Anyway, went to watch this movie yesterday. I really seldom pay to watch a Hong Kong movie, but this time I went to watch this is because of my Nicholas Tze!!! Other than this point, there isn’t any other reason why I went. I do like the other guy (Zhang Jia Hui, don’ remember his christian name, or did he have any?), but not that much.

This movie still carried the style of movies we’ve watched in the 90’s, just that with a bigger budget. It’s pretty similar to the style of Stephen Chow’s past movies, of course mainly because the script writer and the director is the same one, which is Wong Jing. I never actually particularly liked this guy, but the actors / actresses he got for the movies are normally those that I take a liking to.

The movie was quite a disappointment, I mean it’s quite funny at some point, but it’s er, pretty lame jokes. One that you might laugh a little the first time you saw it, but you would just seen it through calmly the second time you watched it. Actually, I think I wouldn’t even have laughed it if I wasn’t in the theater.

Well, I really just went to watch this show for my NIcholas Tze, if not, I wouldn’t wouldn’t wouldn’t have watched the show.

Ayz, Asian’s computer graphics still couldn’t hold a candle to the westerners’ one.



2 thoughts on “Treasure Inn – Movie

  1. omg~~ i wanna watch tsk, but i think i share watch it for freee. LOL! got what computer graphics in this movie? LOL!! not like as if its going to be another avartar~ LOL!

    1. har? er.. a lot of computer graphics lor, you go watch you’ll know, one look and you’ll know is computer graphics d LOL!!

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