My First Casino Experience

I don’t know whether to be happy or unhappy about this, but I managed to sneak into Genting’s Casino for the first time in my life. This is so memorable I’d have to keep this blog post forever in my blog, I should consider printing this, frame it up and hang this somewhere on the wall in my house. The happy thing is, I have finally managed to get into Casino, and I have always wanted to get into a Casino, remember the dream I always had before? I think I told this to you guys before, the aims in life I wanna to achieve when I reached 21 :

  1. Watch a R21 porno film in the theater
    This is actually quite impossible to achieve, because those R21 films are only being shown in the ulu pandan kind of theater which is somewhere in Chinatown. That place, has been known widely that there are a lot of old uncles that goes there for you-know-what and then it is pretty much clear that there will be a lot of se bei beis there. I don’t even want to imagine what will happen when the “scenes” are showing, I think the same thing would happen in the theater while the show is going on, ew.
    Though I had made a pact with one of the LOSErs to watch R21 movie when we’re 21, I don’t think it’s going to happen, and I think that muddle-head don’t remember this either haha.
  2.  Casino
    I thought this is only going to happen when my birthday officially reached. Well, I finally got a taste of this.
  3. Go into those 18 restriction shops
    Actually this could have been achieved 3 years ago, but because even though I’m a pervert at nature, I still need to maintain some reputation, especially to strangers, so I don’t dare to go into those shops.
    This is not too much of something to regret about, I have long since given up on achieving this.
Let me explain how I managed to sneak into the Casino. It was like around 8-9 plus, at this time, the security guards are pretty much quite tired, and there are big crowds swarming in, so all I had to do was to act nonchalant and follow the crowds and swarm in. I got in at around 7 the second day, I didn’t had much sleep that day, and my eyes were a bit red, I just went to cut my hair, and I wore my lens, so maybe my age looked +5, and I got in successfully. I was even picking my teeth when going in (my god, totally looked like this old ah ma). I glimpse the security guard looking at me, but he didn’t stopped me, so tadah! I got in hoho.
Maybe I was thinking too much, maybe I actually looked >21, and that’s the thing to be unhappy about haha.
I realized why my parents lost so much money in Casino. It’s really because the money in there flies away at the speed of light. I lost about 200 Singapore dollars, and I already tried losing as little money as possible, while playing all the games I wanted to try.
I played something that’s like a horse race. There’s not real horse in there (duh), so it’s machine operated, so there are options on guessing which one will come out as champion, or you can guess which 2 horses will arrive as 1st and 2nd, or just guessing which 3 horses will come out. This is quite fun, and the good thing is the money flies away at a slower speed, because guessing whichever horse takes only 2RM.
Then I played the traditional kind of game that you saw in TV dramas, which is the Big / Small game. This is quite fun too, but the money flied away pretty fast though, because every option that you choose to bet on takes 5RM.
I also tried slots, slots are the kind that really just makes money fly away, but I like playing slots the most though, maybe cuz it actually required the least thinking and struggling haha.
I played a few others, but the conclusion is that the money flies off no matter which game you play. I think I actually prefer playing arcade games haha.
Now is time for some pictures. I actually took a picture of my hair before I cutted (I know there is no cutted, stop correcting me tsk) it and after I cutted it to show the difference haha. Here goes :
Note : This picture is taken from back view, and this is no Sadako from the Ring, especially cuz there are golden streaks. Hm, if I didn’t dye my hair, it might have looked scarier.
Ah my hair~~~
Actually now that I look at this, I realised it still looks long, maybe I’d have to go cut it a bit shorter.
I’m seriously going to cut off all the golden streaks once it grows out haha.
Now some family photos xD
Okay, that’s about it, frigging lazy to upload anymore photos.

6 thoughts on “My First Casino Experience

  1. FIRST!
    and envious! i no money go try out all those gambling thingies.
    but the sex shops, i pei you go in la! i’ve always wanted to take a look inside anyway, hahahhaha

    1. LOL!!! you are a pervert just like me LOL!!!
      those gambling things ah.. actually would prefer playing arcade, at least money goes slower and its more fun lol.

      1. cos my extemely cute and innocent uni friend has already been into one while she was in europe. god knows why she walked in in the first place, but thats just the kind of thing she’d do, out of pure mindless curiousity.
        anyway, i feel like as the self-confessed more perverse one, i have to up my exp level to match up to her, ahahhahahaha.

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