Fishy Online

I blogged about this before but I think I lost all my records when I deleted everything from this blog long ago. So now I’m going to blog this again hoho.

You start the game as this little thing that dies easily in the pond :

You are this orangey fish in the middle of the screen, and as you can see, the only fishes that you can “eat” are those that are of microscopic size kind, or sometimes if you’re lucky enough you’d be able to get a visible size.

I didn’t manage to get screenshots of all the different sizes of fish one can get. Well, that’s cuz if I take screen shot halfway, it’d be game over the moment I turn my eyes away from the screen. So after surviving for a while, finally this size :

Yup, this is the stage where I can safely turn my eyes away from the screen, because you see normally the biggest fish around are those in deep blue colors, so since now my fish is obviously much larger I can finally take a screenshot hoho. This is the stage where you can safely just press up and down to eat whatever that comes in your way.

Then :

You’ll get to this stage whereby you don’t even have to press up and down anymore and just leave it there to see if your fish will explode or not.

Finally, when you are thinking how long it will take for the fish to grow so big it’s eye will cover the whole screen…

Here this screen comes out:

Certificate that I’ve completed the game haha.

For those who wanna try the game if you’re really bored, the link is

Tip : If you cannot differentiate whether your fish is bigger or the other fish is bigger, try looking at the size of the eye, and if that doesn’t work, just let it pass. The key to the game is patience, do NOT rush your fish to the side of the screen just to gobble up some microscopic fish, because most of the time a big fish is gonna come out from there when you do that.


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