Long Hair vs Short Hair

Apart from the fact that it took me like close to a year to grew my hair to that length and I have some feelings for those hair which makes me feel a little sad, but I’m happy for having cut my hair.

Advantages of short hair :

  1. amount of shampoo / conditioner used reduced by 1/2
  2. takes shorter time to
    -get it wet
    -shampoo / condition it
    -get it dry
  3. amount of hair drop significantly reduce drastically
    The amount of hair that’s at the bathroom filter doesn’t look like it’s for filming of The Ring or any water ghost that’s about to come out from there.
  4. I can safely comb my hair now, because my dad kept screaming at me whenever he found my hair dropping on the floor while I was combing my hair
  5. Lesser knots, split ends.
  6. Overall, my head felt much lighter!! Not as hot as when I had longer hair even though I tied my hair 16/7, the long ponytail still cover my neck and it’s frigging damn hot.
Advantages of long hair :
  1. Leaves no mark after tying hair for a long time
    I think it’s because the hair are so heavy, it just kinda pull down the whole hair and the tying mark is not as obvious
  2. Can look like a ghost whenever you like it, can happily act as Sadako
  3. Can show off to friends of the long hair?
Okay, the advantages of long hair is really much much much lesser for me as compared to shorter hair.  
That’s about it, I am just randomly blogging while waiting for my character in WonderKing to mine some ores HAHA! (And because Oi Oi asked me to blog hoho).

6 thoughts on “Long Hair vs Short Hair

    1. neh i didnt even take a look at those hair sia LOL!!! the person told me i have a lot of dandruff, i was too much in shock LOL!

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