100m Track

As I was walking home, I took the path that is under the MRT track. You know how those MRT tracks that are not underground, and supported by big big brownish greyish pillars and there are spaces between the MRT tracks and the “ground”, so normally they’d make it into a path for people to walk underneath. At least there is this part for Ang Mo Kio, not sure if others places have this or not, I think there is, somewhere.

Anyway, while I was walking there, I saw this running track imprinted on the ground, there’s really those yellow lines which indicated how long you’ve run / walk. So I started walking and noticed the 0m (this is a zero though it might look like a letter o) label on the floor, then as I continued walking walking walking down the track. I came to the realization that :

I might not even survive running non stop for 100m. God, just kill me man.


8 thoughts on “100m Track

    1. tell you what, i tried 11 different kind of blue banners, all cannot match LOL!! i dun care liao, not like i graduated from DMD LOL! xD

  1. i was walking home from the ang mo kio mrt station lol. then i sian sian try taking that path lor, no matter walk i walk under the mrt tracks or not also will reach home so no difference lol. and as for the banner, yeah i know the color doesnt match, but then i tried a lot of colors liao, all doesnt match bo bian man LOL!

  2. omg what happened to ur blog skin ?? so blue~~~~~
    and me too~~I don’t think I can run at all!

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