Back To Reality

I’m writing this post to commemorate the last day of my rainbow / salty fish life. I’m officially starting work tomorrow unless something crops up tomorrow which makes me don’t wan to sign the contract (yup, I haven’t sign it yet). I have been slacking for 3 months and 2 weeks now and I’m finally going back to work tomorrow (*wipes tear from eyes). I’m gonna miss my life as a ultra salty fish. I had fun all this time, it’s been so long since I don’t have to care whether the next day is Monday or Friday, and I have no programming works crushing on my head, no grudges against my colleagues / boss, and I don’t even have to sleep at a fixed timing and get waken up by my alarm.

Ayz. Yeah, all those days are over, I’ll have to wake up at 7 plus again. Actually I haven’t woke up earlier than 8 for a long time, cuz even when I was in ST, I could have woke up later and just be late for a while, since most people are late anyway. This time, my work place is in Redhill, I have to take like 1h 30 min (estimated longest time) to reach there. Goodbye to my 8am wake up life. Sobs sobs.

Let me conclude what it’s been like for these 3 months and 2 weeks. I felt like this useless person who’s just worming at home everyday doing nothing and wasting the oxygen / water / electricity / space on this Earth. It’s quite strange how come the moment you’re jobless, you feel like even the existence of you is a sin itself, and it’s not like I have been jobless the entire time, I was just jobless for 3 months!! Goddammit, yeah I know 3 months is long, but I still needed some time to slack.

I think the worst part is when random people who see you online, come talk to you and ask how are you doing, I’d be like contemplating what to say. Even if I’m hiding the fact that I’m currently a useless jobless person, in the end they’d be like asking “what are you doing now?” “Or how’s your job?” I think I’ve been asked this question at least 20 times, and some are repeatedly asked by the same people. It’s not just some random people who keep asking this question that stings you in the butt, I also see my relatives around when I go breakfasting with my mum every Thursday, and they’d be like “Oh, you’re not working today?” and then I would be like “Currently a jobless person.” Wa, it’s like the moment I said that, I feel like this bold golden colored words “A useless person who’s currently wasting the oxygen and space on Earth” appeared on top of me.

Tsk tsk, the pain of a jobless person.

In this period of slacking time, I actually kinda lost in contact with one of my closest friend. Anyway, I’m actually quite sick of keep going after somebody to keep in contact with ’em, if my friends find it not necessary to come find me, I think I also won’t do anything about it. I’m quite tired of being the one who always keep taking the initiative ( this doesn’t apply to LOSErs, because there is someone who is responsible for all those LOL). But even if I say this, I know she also won’t come my blog (so you know who I’m not referring to lol). The worst thing is when I actually talked to her on msn, she’s like “Wow, how long didn’t see you liao sia” and that’s it. Truthfully, that pissed me off. Tch.

Anyway, wish me luck for tomorrow ba, and hopefully the contract is okay. I’m so lethargic~ Ah by the way, if you guys are curious what is my next job is gonna be like, it’s still programming. Yeah, I know I know. I’m actually quite afraid of programming, I’m sick of how stressed it gets when the deadline is coming but at the same time I enjoy programming. I wanted to try an admin job initially, because it’s really one of those routine job, and you needn’t so much brain power as compared to programming. Well, I can’t find one. I was finding both programming and admin jobs, thinking to take whichever one comes first and yup, somewhere in the 4th dimension, that character named “Kami-sama” is asking me to go back to programming.

I’ve lost so much confidence in my previous job. Ayz, hope it’ll be better in this job. Ahaha.


6 thoughts on “Back To Reality

  1. LOL! yeah im quite lazy to keep in contact with people, one reason is that the person might didn’t bother to keep in contact with me too. so yeah. LOL!

    HAHAHA, it’s funny people ask if u are not working.. but im very used to it. LOL!! and most of the time is my mum entertaining them so I only stand aside and put on a smile on my face.

    1. yeah keeping in contact with people is tiring lol. then dun ask me why i dun wanna contact my friend tsk youre such an ass!!!

      yeah.. a lot of people asked in fact. whenever i meet with my st ex colleagues theyll also ask. ayz. i think adults really have like nothing else to ask bo .so also ask this kind of bo liao qns. next theyll ask about the studies. standard procedure sia. you good la, got your mother to help you tsk LOL!

  2. “this doesn’t apply to LOSErs, because there is someone who is responsible for all those LOL” –> yeah, please be grateful to me.

    ahahahah i understand, that’s why compels most people to find job lor. hahaha the unbearable weight of guilt and people’s judgement.
    and yeah, good luck in your new job~
    must still pei me go out!! ^^ dont get too busy!!

    1. yeah thanks then. LOL

      eh… dun think so ba, mostly in the end find job is cuz of the money miss LOL! yeahhh just like a big burden to the society. tsk. i guess if i just stayed at home all the time i could have escaped all those things LOL!~ and not go online on msn haha.
      ill try to la hor, wun be salty fish anymore, call me busy bumble bee, short form is 3B LOL~

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