First Day of Work I

I can foresee that most probably I’ll be blogging for a few times today. It’s currently 10:20 in the morning, I’m at my new work place, supposedly to be doing my work or at least doing some other random thing. Well, since I’m actually blogging now, I’m just showing you guys how bored I am currently.

I’ve reached the working place earlier than expected, stood outside the entrance for like about 5 minutes in that heat, until somebody came along and tapped the door open. I sneakily (or not) followed him into the level, and I have to wait for another 15 minutes for my company’s people to come open our office’s door. I should have just get out of my house a little later, no idea why did I woke up at 7 15 for. And cuz I’m so free now, I’m starting to feel sleepy also.

In case you people are thinking that I’m slacking and refusing to get work from people (which is what I initially really planned to do, to just slack until somebody give me something to do), I have to prove my innocence. I did asked for work from one of the co-workers here (because I was really bored too), and because I’m the only programmer around in this office, she who is an administrator / accountant told me that she don’t know what I’m supposed to do, boss didn’t told her and she cannot give me her work because we’re of different genres. With that, she told me to just sit around first, this is the first time I could like slack so openly and confidently.

I was made to sit at one of the empty table the moment I came into the office. Then I was told my another of my colleague to sit around (and wait for things to happen). This situation seems strangely familiar. It kinda reminded me of my first day when I was going for internship in ST. This situation is much better than I was in ST of course, because I was being kicked around within the different departments and I had all my communication devices stripped off me. Yeah, at least I have my itouch, handphone and an additional macbook with me, I can still blog~ Haha. The good thing about blogs.. I can blog whenever I have nothing to do (especially in times like this).

Ay ay ay, I’ve officially slacked for 2 hours. Sad thing is, that unagie friend of mine went out to AMK central and there’s no one online to chat with me~~ I’m so frigging bored~~~~


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