First Day of Work II

Yup, like what I’ve already predicted, I really came back to blog. Why? Because I’ve been free for the whole time now, I’m not complaining, since I’d actually prefer this anyway, but I’m really feeling guilty slacking, even though it’s not really my fault. I’m undergoing the after-effects of waking up so frigging early in the morning, and after having my lunch not long ago, I’m feeling even sleepier.

I’m depending on Big Bang’s songs to keep me awake. Songs are really important, at least it’s something that keeps me from falling asleep, although it might be one of the distracting factors too also. Well, if I really do concentrate on my work, the songs won’t be getting into my brain either, so it’s okay.

Anyway, just as that unagi friend of mine went out leaving me to die alone, Oi Oi came online to rescue me like less than an hour later. However, because she’ll have to go bathing, which is going to take a long time, and I indirectly chased unagi away, I’m quite bored again now. I’m feeling so restless sitting in front of the desk and doing nothing. Ayz, I really wish I have a bed in front of me and I could jump on it and fell asleep like within 10 seconds. Or give me my acer laptop so I can play my online game.

I almost thought that I’d be skipping my lunch, because it was like 12 45pm and the other colleagues are like still at their table, seemingly not going to go for lunch. Eh, since I had experience in skipping lunches, I also didn’t thought a great deal of it. But at about 1pm, they called me out for lunch, so yeah, they do go for lunches haha.

I haven’t signed my contract yet, I’m waiting for the boss to come to this office I’m in later on to tell me about what I’m going to do and he’ll be giving me the contract then. Apparently, I joined a pretty interesting company, the boss is planning on going different directions, so it’s not just doing IT, which is what I initially thought. Then again, I seemed to come across quite a number of people who are doing different businesses at the same time.

There’s only three people in the office I’m in (including me FYI), there’s two other offices in Clementi, which I initially refused to go, which they then offered me a place in RedHill (Thank god). The other 2 people are not programmers though, yup, which make me a random lone person here. One of ’em is a recruitment consultant, which helps companies find candidates, and vice versa. The other is a secretary but apparently she handles a lot of stuffs at the same time, she also helped the recruiter in recruiting. So far, all I know is that the boss is trying to handle IPhone applications and outsourcing at the same time.

And me? I’m just sitting around, yawning and hoping that 6 will come soon. I’m seriously bored. And sleepy.


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