I’m Getting Old

I have no idea how did I survived when I kept going out during the time I was in my previous companies. I went out yesterday and today, I really feel like dying now.

Yesterday was the worst. I had this splitting headache from like 4pm +, and then I took a 30 minutes bus trip down to Orchard to meet Oi Oi, that draggy bus trip makes my headache even worse. When I reached Orchard, I already felt like throwing up. If there was a bed in front of me, I would just jump on it and be able to sleep within 10 seconds I think. It was about 6 30pm when I got on the bus (I think), and because it’s the time where all office people knock off, and that bus travels within central area, it kept stopping at every bus stop, unloading and loading hordes of people, and on top of that, it stops at every traffic light. The journey makes me shudder when I think about it.

I thought it was only that particular bus I took that need like ten thousand years to reach Orchard, so I listened to the advice of my other colleague who told me bus 132 is going to be faster. Not remembering my lesson from the day before, I took 132 down to Orchard, which is actually still like a 30 minutes trip, this time it’s better because maybe it’s Transit bus, or because I’m not suffering from any headaches today. Still, I felt a little sick when I reached Orchard, just a little. But, taking MRT is definitely going to be much faster, and even though I might have to smell people’s sweats, but I think I’d really prefer it that way.

Maybe I need time to let my body get accustomed to working first, before letting this rotty body of mine suffer under that kind of bus trip. And in case you guys are thinking I’m really super lousy, Yup, I agree. Told you guys my body is of royalty, I get sick easily on buses. ESPECIALLY SBS buses.

I’m getting so depressed. I really miss the days when I could wake up at 11 or 12 pm and just rot till the end of the world. If 2012 is the end of the world, I’d really regret not slacking enough.

I’d explain my depression again in another post, because my dad is going off to sleep, which in turns make me feel like sleeping also. Night people.


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