Born Slacker

I said I’m going to blog more about why I feel depressed when I work, so I’ve come to fulfill what I’ve said before. As most of you guys who already know and whoever that still don’t know this : I’m a big big big big big slacker. I’m really the kind, that can slack for a long long long long long period of time and still don’t mind continue slacking. I know a lot of people is going to reply me something like, “If I got the money, of course I’d also choose to slack.” Thing is, a lot of people will get bored if they are not working for a long time. I can confidently say that, I won’t feel bored. The only reason why I kept going, “sian!” is because of the guilt of not working, which the guild is supplied by a lot of people around me (which is already being blogged about not long ago). Anyway, if you think you can slack for a long long long long time at home (not going out) and not feel bored, then maybe you’re the same as me : a born slacker.

Back the point why I feel depressed. I mentioned it before, but I think there are still people who don’t know / forget about this. I don’t like waking up early in the morning, ESPECIALLY when the sun is not up, which means if I have to wake up like before 8am, I’d feel super painful, depressed and suicidal. For a long time, I didn’t really have to feel like this because ever since I’ve left PHS, I don’t really have to follow the 5 days routine of waking up before there is any sunlight at all. Well, randomly I’d have to wake up early in the morning, like there was a few days I had to wake up 6+am when I was still working in Body Shop for road shows, but because I knew it’s not going to be for a long term, thus somehow the depression didn’t get to me. Now, my company is so far far far away from my house, no matter what, the latest I have to leave my house is 7.45am, so meaning I’d have to wake up before 8am. For this, I brainstormed for quite a long time on what is the fastest and most efficient method to reach my working place, apart from taking cab which is going to cause serious blood damage and the most impractical method on Earth, is only by taking bus to central, take MRT, and then take bus again, which still requires 1h 15 minutes of traveling.

Oh yeah, there was a period of time where I had to work in Jurong East when I was in Poly Year 2, that was also hellish for me, I had to wake up like 7am, even earlier than now, or sometimes even earlier. Well, that was also a temporary job, and maybe because I didn’t graduate from PHS that long yet, so I didn’t felt that much grudge, or maybe I did. But I don’t remember. That’s why I had to blog this now, so that I can look back on this years later and remember it. Actually, I always felt grudge-ful when I was made to wake up like 6.30am in the morning when I was way back in Primary School. But because at that time, there’s this system where there’s alternate years of having afternoon sessions, so it wasn’t that bad, and I was a bit anti-social at that time (for the 10 thousandth time I’m saying this). Then I went into Secondary School, still feeling that grudge, but it wasn’t that bad. Something changed in me in Secondary 4, maybe cuz I was gonna graduate soon anyway. Ever since the June of 2006, I started skipping a lot of classes, partly because of the people in the class, and partly because of my hatred of waking up early in the morning (that is still not the main point anyway, so I’ll blog about this in future LOL).

Today wasn’t that depressing for me when I woke up. I think maybe the reason I felt depress is because I didn’t have that much sleep, or maybe it’s because it’s Thursday. I really can’t tell. Thing is, I slept at around 11pm yesterday, and woke up 7 25am today, I had enough sleep, I wasn’t depressed. So let’s see if this continue, will I still feel depressed or not ( though I think I will ). As for now, I’m going to knock off soon, so yeah. I’ll blog about this again in part II. HAHA~


10 thoughts on “Born Slacker

  1. LOL. I will experience your pain soon..when school starts at 830am and I gonna wake up like 545am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG>>>>>>>>

  2. go work lor.
    thats the time i have to wake up every morning to go to work.
    i take between one hour to one and a half hours to go to work. sian!

    1. about the same as me then. but how come i can wake up much later than you.. LOL!! you 8 30am work or 9am. wheres your working location and your working time?

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