My Rojak Notebook

I just realized that I only put the picture of my notebook in FaceBook, luckily the photos are still in my camera, so I can post the pictures of my notebook. The reason why I termed it as “Rojak Notebook” is cuz I use this notebook for many means.

When I got to go for a new job interviews (previously during that 3 months), and understanding perfectly well how I can even get lost on Orchard Road, I went to to check my interview locations and draw the map and directions on this notebook.

When I am doing programming (currently / previously), I’d write the notes on it, so that it’ll get registered in my way better, and because I really like writing haha. It enables me to think and understand the theory better.

When I was thinking of the story line for the 5000 words composition thing, I wrote the story lines / ideas in the notebook too.

To summarize it in one sentence is, whatever that is needed to be written, I’d write it in there.

See how I’ve customized it.

I like complicated and simple things. When I mean by that, I meant I like complicated and simple things, I don’t like things that is somewhere in between that 2 definitions. Anyway, I’ve revised this version once before; there’s too many beads inside, so whenever I took it up, it’ll cause a lot of noise, which is weird, AND it makes me very hard to write in it.

Didn’t take the updated picture though.

Anyway, the above design was really made just for me to look at its beauty. I didn’t thought of the practicality, and thus it didn’t occur to me that the buttons and the beads will be in the way when I have to write on the paper inside. It’s too bulky.

Finally, I got tired of the many obstacles when I have to write. So I got rid of everything and made something that’s “smoother”.

I think it looked weird, but because I can’t think of anything else, and I really liked the pink color (I don’t care about you pink-haters LOL), so yup, I finally have this practical design notebook haha.

And because I promised that Oi Oi a bookmark before, I pieced out something since I had all the materials spread out on the table.

I actually like this bookmark more than the one I did for myself for my notebook (*sulk*). Well, if Oi Oi don’t like it, I can might as well just keep it for myself to use. Somehow I think maybe she won’t like it (*hopeful*). Er, the ribbon inside the bookmark is of lavender color, not pink, seems like it’s quite dark in the pictures haha.


8 thoughts on “My Rojak Notebook

    1. oh good i also like LOL!. diao. previously is in dark color, oi oi wan me to change de is the dark color one, but dunno she comfortable with this bo. bright meh, its onli in white ma LOL!

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