Transformers, Dark Of the Moon – Movie

I’m not using this out-of-the-normal-movie-poster-size movie poster because I really really like the movie, but it’s because it’s the coolest and nicest movie poster I can find of the movie posters out there on Google. I’m not saying that I don’t like this movie either.

I was never really a robot person. Yeah, I didn’t like Barbie Dolls, but I also didn’t like robots. You guys know those robot boxes that were being sold in Popular, or Toys’r Us I think, whereby you’ll find these robot pieces in the box, there will be this instruction manual which gives you instructions on how you can piece those things up into a complete robot model. My brother had a few of those, and I was thinking, “Oh, how smart / pro I’d be if I can manage to form a robot model myself.” Not because I like robots, but is cuz it will give me this sense of achievement, or pure satisfaction that I’m smart. So once when my mum brought us to the bookstore again, and while my brother is choosing the robot model that he wants, I also went to look for one that looks super nice, which can be determined by the picture of the model that’s printed on the box cover. And then I pestered my mum to buy it for me.

So there was me, this happy little girl holding on to that box of robot thingy bouncing back to our house, happily unwrapping the stuffs, happily took out everything from the box, looking at it. Then, I took out the instructions manual, looked at it for let’s say less than 1 minute, and then I decided to piece up the thing with my gut feelings and a woman’s girl’s sixth sense, forgetting that even if I do have a natural born sixth-sense that most women have, it is far from being developed. I looked at those pieces, that were still being glued to that frame thingy, and then I came up with a conclusion : I really have no idea how I’m going to piece these things together. So, I happily just threw that box to my brother and left him to do it, and I continued lala-ing about and didn’t touch that box a second time again.

So, why am I watching this movie when I’m not keen with robots? I have been watching a lot of movies recently, and this indirectly means that I’ve been watching a lot of movie trailers too. So I’ve actually watched the transformers’ trailer for at least 3 times, and even though the sound effects were irritating to hell, this sentence that Optimus Prime said really pricked my attention, “You lied to us, you made a grave mistake.” Truthfully, this sentence is the one that really made me watch the movie hahahaha~

Don’t you think the trailer is so so so so so interesting. It made a person who was never interested in robots feel like watching it, and on top of that, I have never watched a Transformers movie before (lol to that). Doesn’t this brings back some memories? Yup, it’s the same situation as when I’ve watched X-Men.

Okay people, because I’ve learnt my lesson that you’ll just have question marks appearing all over your head if you watched a movie that is of a series that you were never interested in nor you know of the story at all. So, what I did this time was, I went to wiki the Transformers story plot, for the first time, or maybe not, I actually saw chunks and chunks of English words whereby I’d only get the meaning of the individual words, but when it’s being pieced together, I felt like I’m solving some kind of Da VinCi painting / codings / mystery / <insert whatever word that can be added here>.

You guys know how Wiki always have this blue colored hyperlinks, so let’s say the show is being acted by “Nicholas Tse”, it will show that it’s clickable whereby it’ll lead you to the wiki homepage of Nicholas Tse. When I went to that site, within the chunks of black words, I also saw A LOT of blue words. It contained so many code names like Optimus Prime, AutoBot, CyberTron, Deception, Megatron, Frenzy, Barricade, StarStream, blah blah blah blah… BlackOut, yeah, my brain is really blacking out. I could not understand a single hell it’s talking about and then I decided to go watch it based on my guts feeling, and once again, my sixth-sense, which is perhaps quite developed now.

The movie was, not bad. I think however, because I’m a person who is so so so so not interested in robots, I can’t really tell apart the difference between who is the good guy and the bad guy. I could only differentiate by the colors, cuz normally the baddies are like silvery color, and the goodies normally have a more colorful parts, like one which is yellowish, and one is greenish. 30 minutes into the show ( I think ), there’s this fighting scene between 2 robots. I, can’t, differentiate them at all, both are silver, and because fighting animations are more about smashing and stuffs, it’s too fast, I can’t even tell who is who. I told my friend that I can’t differentiate, and then she told me, the goodies’ eyes are blue, the baddies’ eyes are red and I was like “OHHHHH!”, and in the end, I differentiate them by their eye colors, which I suppose is still not the official way to tell differences between robots? Don’t know, maybe a robot fanatic could tell me the answer, I suppose.

Er, animations / graphics are good, like as usual, because it’s made by the Americans after all. The one that left me with the most impression is actually that wormy robot that’s being shown in the trailer. Maybe cuz it’s the most disgusting one. There’s this part where like about close to 10 people were being trapped in the building and it was collapsing. After having like what, close to 10 machines shooting whatever they can into the building, walls, windows, cements, computers, blah, and blah, there is a few random A, B, C who died, but there’s still close to 10 people. So in the end, the wormy thing came out, dug its way through the building, criss-crossing everywhere to make sure that the entire building is completely destroyed, so as to make sure the 10 “ants” would be completely crushed.

A few questions came across my mind :

  • How come it seemed very short at first, but yet in the end, it mysteriously grew so long it actually seemed never-ending.
  • How is it going to “untie” itself once the buildings, people are crushed? I don’t think there is even any air left within the worm.
  • Do you really have to go to that stage to kill these few people?

Yeah, whatever, it’s a fiction movie anyway

Well, cuz I never watched any Transformers movie before, so I can’t really say anything like it going the usual Transformers’ way which Lynnette felt haha.

The only conclusion is, I’m not going to Woodlands theater again. I was thinking why did my friend bought a B seat, cuz if it was according to the seats in AMK Hub, it will be too far back. Then when I entered the theater, I realized, there isn’t much different between buying a ticket for Z seat or A seat. The screen is way way above. I can still remember how sourish my neck felt, it almost felt like somebody bombed a lemon on my neck.

The movie was nice, but I was hoping and wishing that it would end soon. I was so so so uncomfortable, because I had an headache again in the middle of watching (Maybe I’m just fated to have a headache on Mondays, I had one last Mon when I was out with Oi Oi), and there’s a lemon bomb on my neck, and I kept shifting my butt from left to right, trying to adjust the most comfortable position.

I would have enjoyed the movie better had the seat be more comfortable to me, they might as well just put beds in the theater, give me a pillow and I’ll lie down watching it.

Happy wife, happy life.
Unhappy wife, stone cold misery for the rest of your life forever.

4 thoughts on “Transformers, Dark Of the Moon – Movie

  1. FIRST!
    hahhahahah yeah when i first watched the first movie also i was a bit confused by all the names.
    but i have a favourite: Optimus Prime, the leader of the Autobots!!
    Optimus is damnn cool!!~~
    But I’m not the slightest bit interested in this movie. I expect nothing but bad things from it, plus people have already told me it sucks. You should go watch the first movie. That one was the super fun one.

    1. haha, i didnt really care about names LOL! i realised that as i grew up, i get badder with names sia.
      hmm, actually i like the yellow one that is together with the heroine de, i onli know the chinese name (which i get from the chinese subs LOL).
      got that bad meh? actually i thought its not bad haha, then again, i cant do comparisons cuz didnt watch other movies of the series~

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